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The Gold Box (BTS Fanfic) Chapter 9 18+


It's 10 AM. Ali wakes up and looks around the room. She remembers last night and blushes.
Would he be mad? Still? Did I do the right thing? No! I did the right thing. I told him I was uncomfortable . That's all.
She walks out of the room to look for him. She sees one of the bedroom doors closed.
He is not up.
She hears the door knock loudly. Startled, she walks down stairs. She peeks from the living room's window.
Cops.....Oh no..
Wait, I should be happy. I WAS KIDNAPPED!! BUT......fuck.
She runs upstairs and opens Taehyung's bedroom. She sees him sleeping on the floor instead of his bed and wonders if he fell from his bed or something.
"Tae, wake up! WAKE UP"
"Go away! Let me sleep"
"Wake up!! The Co....." Ali jumps from the sound of a loud thud coming from downstairs. Taehyung gets up wide eyed.
"The cops are here" Ali says with a worried look on her face. It surprises Taehyung how she is not rushing to the cops to save her but instead is grabbing his arm. The guilt of using her and kidnapping her to get the box daunts on him. The footsteps get closer as the cops check the other rooms. Taehyung grabs Ali's hand and takes her outside. Ali resists trying to hold him back but he refuses.
The one cop sees them and rush towards Ali taking her from him.
"Ma'am, are you okay? Who are you? Are you a hostage?"
Ali looks at Taehyung, his face tells her to tell them the truth. She sighs and looks back at him.
"I am not a hostage. I am his partner" She says and with that she kicks the officer in the groin and run towards Taehyung grabbing his hand and dragging him back to his room, closing the door behind them.
"Where is your gun?" She says, pacing around his room to look for it as the cop bangs on the door warning that he will have to shoot if they keep resisting.
"Kim Taehyung! I said, where is your fucking gun?! The one you had before!" She yells at him turning around to look at him and then going towards the bed to find it. Picking up the pillows from his bed she finds it underneath, checks the bullets inside and reloads as if she has done it a thousand times before.
And at that moment, Taehyung realizes no matter how much he tries to deny it Ali was Raejin's sister. The stern look, her warning tone, the left eyebrow lift, and that fierce look in her eyes was a split image. Indeed, he was in love with an enemy, and there was no denying it. Pushing his thoughts aside he grabs his phone, and her hand opening his side drawer, taking out a remote.
Ali gasps as Taehyung presses the button and bed moves away, exposing a hole underneath. The size of the beds in the house she wondered about earlier, made sense now. They hear the cop calling for back up as Taehyung pushes Ali to go down the ladder first and then follows her, he closes the opening and follows Ali as they hurriedly step down the stairs towards the ground.
When they get to the last step he gets in front of Ali taking the gun from her hand and leads her through the path. They run as fast as they can, the yells from the upstairs start fading out and then completely disappear. They finally slow down and start walking after running for about 2-3 miles. Ali gets a hold of her breath and tries looks around, she touches the walls. It is very dark and she can't see anything but silently follows Taehyung. She wonders how he knows exactly where to turn without any light. She tries to hide her disbelieve by not saying anything.
It's like a tunnel
Going through secret tunnels underground was something she either saw in movies or read in history books. The fact that she was experiencing it made her stomach drop. She had been underestimating him and his work. He was not a rookie bad guy doing small crimes like she thought, this was something very big and he was a part of it. Which meant her sister and Yoongi worked like this too.
It all made sense to her, she had a doubt that her sister was not working in a factory. But she never thought it would be something like this, nor did she ever dared to ask. The scars on her body, the frequent hospital visits, especially ER, the bruised face, hands, feet, the smell from her clothes that she claimed was from the factory machines were like the one in this tunnel. 
Taehyung notices how tightly Ali is holding his hand, to the point that it's quite painful, but he doesn't say anything. They have been walking for about ten miles now and she hasn't made a sound. He wishes he could see her expression. He decides to wait a little more before he asks something, expecting her to at least say that she was tired. She doesn't.  
Ali's mind takes her back to the oldest memory, the first time she saw her sister being injured.

Ali: 8 years old
Rae: 14 years old
A younger Ali drags herself , rubbing her eyes trying to find Raejin.
"Raejin....are you home? I am hun...." She gasps and sees her sister on the kitchen floor putting a bandage on her waist. Her clothes are  drenched with blood. She flinched as she tied the knot of the bandage.
"Raejin.."  Raejin looks up. She gulps as she sees her sister but then her tense 
"It's okay Ali, I am new at work that's why. I made a mistake and something fell on me. Don't worry." She quickly responds smiling at her. She gets up and takes of her shirt to change into a new one. Ali sees fainted scars on her back, all the way down to her waist.  Ali heart hammers into her chest. She wants to cry but she can't. No, she won't!
"How was school? Today was your first day in 3rd grade. How do you feel?" Her sister asks as she cleans up, washing her hands. 
"How did you..get hurt?" Ali asks looking at Raejin pacing around trying to find a pot to make something.
"I told you something fell on me at work. Go wash your hands and bring your homework. I will cook something till then." She responds in a soft yet stern voice indicating she doe not want Ali to bring it up again.

-Flashback End-

She was lying. But why?  Why did she do this? How much did she lie? Their parents...did they really die in a car accident?  All the blind trust she had in her sister was fading away. 
Taehyung finally stops walking frustrated by the silence. Ali bumps into him.
"Why are you not saying anything?" Taehyung asks.
"What do you want me to say?" Ali says, her voice barely escapes her throat. Taehyung gets more tensed. 

"I gave you a chance to escape with them but you declined it. Are you regretting it? And since we are on that topic. Are you out of your goddamn mind? Why would you tell them you were my partner?" 

"I am not regretting it." Ali says squeezing Taehyung's hand even more tightly making him wince. "I am just I don't know....What is this smell in this tunnel?" She asks half knowing what it would be, but wants to confirm one last time. 
" it strong? Ah! I should have known you are no used to it. Sorry.
"It's fine. I am used to it. Just tell me what it is?"

"You are used to it? How....oh!" he realizes what she meant. He knows why she was quiet now. It had been confirmed that she knew what her sister was working on. He clears his throat. 

"It's chemical weapons, gunpowder, and you know other things like for weaponry and drugs...." he says wishing he could see her face. He pulls her into a hug but Ali doesn't respond. She just tenses even more. 

"Why did you stop walking? Are we spending the night here or something? Let's go!...Also you dumb fuck you have your phone turn it on so we can see where we are going?" She says giving him a little push. 

"Hey! I just didn't have the time to think about that okay? Don't call me dumb! I don't like that!" 
"Whatever just turn on the stupid phone so we can see." She replies. 
Taehyung wants to respond to her but doesn't know how. He stays quite and curses himself for not thinking about turning on the phone. 


 He takes the phone out of his pocket. Turning it on they start  walking again. Ali looks around the tunnel, she realizes how big it is. She sees the rail tracks on the side. She realizes that both of them are barefoot but she doesn't comment on it. Nor does she cares. 

Seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into hours as they walk for what felt like eternity with only the sound of their breathing drumming through their ears. And finally they see a trail of dim lights appearing on the side of the walls. Taehyung turns of the his phone. 

"Finally we are here! I can get signal on my phone now." He says and stops walking and calls someone on his phone.

Ali quietly looks at him as he tries to talk to someone about sending a cart. She is amazed at how he can tell exactly where they are as he gives directions on the phone to their location. To her everything looks the same. The only difference is that before their were no lights now their are a trail of them. She thinks about if she starts dating him and works with him, will she be like that too? Her dream is to be a dancer, but what if she works with him? How will that be? 

She hears a noise. It gets louder as it approaches them and she closes her eyes and winces. Taehyung hugs her. She lifts up her head and sees a rail cart approaching them. Finally the noise stops and an old man gets out of the cart. He smiles seeing them. 
"Mr. Kosai!" Taehyung yells waving like a child showing his rectangular smile.

Ali smiles and wonders who old man is to make him this happy. Mr. Kosai waves at them to get on and Taehyung leads to climb in the rail cart, letting Ali go first and then follows her and sits down next to her. The old man get in the driving seat and starts driving the cart again. The noise fills up the tunnel again. He turns around and looks at Ali and then Taehyung, turns back around and drives a little faster. Ali feels her eyelids getting heavy. She feels an arm around her and her face touches something hard. 

Taehyung sees Ali dozing off and puts her his chest warping his arm around her as she drifts into sleep soundly. After a few hours when the cart stops. The sudden jerk and silence wakes Ali up. They get off and walk as Mr. Kosai leads them to stairs similar to the one under Taehyung's room. They climb up and see the hole opening again. Ali quietly follows them, holding Taehyung's hand. She finds herself in a room big room similar to the one before. 

Mr. Kosai closes the opening again and it covers with the bed just like the other house. He turns around and looks at them. Taehyung smiles. 

"This is Mr. Kosai, my dad's friend and my favorite uncle." Taehyung introduces Ali to the old man and he winks at her. 

"I am Song Aliana." She says bowing. The old man's smile disappears. He shoots a look at Taehyung in disbelieve. 

"I know I know..." Taehyung responds avoiding the old man's look "I will tell you what happened. Can we get cleaned up first? Where is Manti?" 

Mr. Kosai calls for Manti. A lady comes rushing in looking shocked. Kosai tells her to get Ali cleaned up and sees if she needs medicine because her feet are bruised.

She smiles at Ali and leads her to another room. She shows Ali a bathroom and gives her bathrobe telling her to shower and wear that till she gets some clothes for her. Ali obeys and walk into the bathroom.  She takes off her clothes and steps into the shower letting the warm water hit her body.

She winces in pain as the water touch her feet. She sits down. Letting the warm water take away her numbness. 
And it hits her. All the emotions, sadness, confusion, anger the shock. She puts her hands on her mouth to muffle her voice, and cries. 
A few hours later she hears a knock on her bathroom door and stands up. It's Taehyung asking if she is okay. 
"I am fine!" She says trying her best to make her vice normal. He doesn't respond. She sighs and washes herself. 

Ali wraps the bathrobe around her body and a towel around her hair. She carefully takes steps to lessen the pain from her feet. She gasps as she gets out of the bathroom and sees Taehyung sitting on the bed. He is wearing a lose pair of trousers and a T-shirt. With a towel around his neck. Next to him is a first aid kit. His feet are all bandaged up. He turns around and looks at her. His eyes grow wide and Ali blushes feeling hot.

He clears his throat and looks away. 

"The fuck were you doing in there for four hours. Put on some clothes, they are over there." He says lifting his leg up to point where her clothes were. Before she could walk over to them she tells her to sit on the bed so he can put medicine on her feet. 

"I can do it by myself. Can you leave so I can change?" Ali says. 

Taehyung just gets up and grabs her arm and tells her to sit on the bed and starts putting medicine on her feet. She winces in pain as he mumbles sorry. Ali looks at him.

She hates that she is falling for him. She hates herself for it. But she can't help but smile when he looks up at her, his eyes asking if it was hurting. She tells him its not and he finishes bandaging her feet. She wants to cry bit holds herself back. She wonders why she is in this situation? Why does she likes someone she should hate? 

Taehyung sits next to her and notices her red eyes. He knows why she took so long and that she was about to cry now too. He knows how she feels. 

All of them have been in this field since they were young. Him, Jungkook, Namjoon, Yoongi, Raejin, and now her. And they all felt the same things at least once in their lives. He knows the feeling of asking for normal life but knowing that you can''t have one. He knows the feeling of getting swallowed in the darkness and feeling lonely.

Feeling that everyone was lying to you, was after you. Feeling the distrust with someone that was so close to you. He knows. And since he knows he wants to be there for her, since no one was there for him and he doesn't want her to feel that. 

He pulls her in a hug and it's as if the cold wall Ali had built to prevent her from crying crumbles into pieces and she cries again. This time she doesn't stop herself or her voice. She cries and pours all of the pain out. She wraps her arms around him, burying her head in his chest as he rubs her back. 

She pulls back after what felt like hours, getting a hold of herself and wipes her tears. She sees Taehyung's shirt soaked with her tears. 

"Dang, my shirt. What are your eyes? Waterfall?" He says smiling. 

"Shut up!" She replies giving him a look. Taehyung cups her face and leans down and kisses her forehead. Ali hold her breath and the sudden intimacy and then relaxes. He looks at her, touching her face with his fingertips. 

"Next time, don't you dare cry alone in the bathroom. Just tell me okay?" He says, Her eyes widen in shock and then embarrassment fills her. She hates crying in front of anyone. She tries to hid her face but he doesn't let her. Instead he kisses her. This time on the lips. He pulls back to see her reaction expecting her to get angry. But instead she wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him close kissing him. He smiles loving the fact that she is not afraid to initiate intimacy. He loves her boldness. The passionate kisses turns into something heated as she pulls his shirt off looking at his abs. He smiles. 

"Stop looking at my abs like that!" He says trying to act innocent and covering himself with his arms. She rolls her eyes at his action. 

"I have seen better." She responds. Her eyes changeling him. He lifts his eyebrow and pulls her close accepting her challenge. 


"Really." She says smiling and kisses him again. The knock on the door interrupts them. embarrassed she hides her face in Taehyung's neck. He laughs and kisses her shoulder. Pulling her bathrobe up he tells her that he will be back. Puts his shirt on and goes to the door. She hears the voice of a unfamiliar young man telling him he need to go to a meeting. He comes back and tells her not to leave and stay here he needs to go a meeting. 

"Okay..." She responds.

"And I am gonna tell Manti and Uncle Kosai to give you food too. I could hear your stomach growling earlier." He laughed as he mimicked the noise.

She threw a pillow at him he ran outside, dodging it. The door shuts after him and Ali smiles to her self foolishly as she changes her clothes.  

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yup i am hooked now. i cant wait for the next chapter!
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Next chapters are up. Let me know if you liked them in tge comments . :)
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