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This showed up on my FB feed today and I am fuming.

disclaimer: before anyone says "why are you sharing this, you're just making it a bigger issue" I want to clear up that I saw this hours ago and didn't say anything but now its a HUGE deal spreading to every major site and forum. I'd rather discuss it here in a place where I trust my community members and I know we'll be respectful than have you guys hear about it somewhere else and see the nasty comments others are leaving.
I've already written about Koreaboo fat shaming, or stylists dressing one member differently cause they think she's fat, but this is a whole new level of disgusting.

This is straight from the fans. Singling out one member for her body. It's dispicable.

This is Kyla from the new girl group, Pristin. She's FIFTEEN YEARS OLD.

She's half Korean, born and raised in California, and she's one of the younger members of Pristin (maybe maknae? sorry I'll edit this when I confirm!)

But, she's not stick-thin like other idols that Korean fans are used to.

But looking at her fellow members, is there any one girl that stands out because of her size? In my opinion NO but Korean fans have ridiculous standards and have decided to 'punish' her for her weight.

They literally stopped cheering for her. Just her.

At 0:48 you could argue that it was just a quite part of the fan chant, but at 1:20 right after the first part of the rap, its obvious that the crowd specifically isn't cheering for Kyla.

It happens again at the exact same times in this video:

In an online discussion about it, international fans have noticed and are sickened by her treatment.

It's gotten to the point where her brother has had to get involved and that is just so sick :(

So all I ask is that if you can on other social media, cheer on Kyla a bit. She may not see anything but I'd rather positive posts come up when you search her name then just fat shaming posts.

It's unfortunate that the story has gotten this big, but even other idols and TV hosts are talking about it - cheering for her! Link here.

Thank you! Kyla fighting!

WTF. People don't even know what they are talking about. they are just spewing out nonsense just because a child has some meat on her bones. It's never EVER okay with making fun of bullying of someone because of their weight. I have had first hand experience with dealing with this crap and it's NOT fun. I don't even understand why people have to be so rude, especially towards a mere child. Everyone who has a little meat of their bones shouldn't have to be ashamed for their body. As long as they are happy and healthy, that's all that matters. This type of behavior is why idols go on crazy diets or even worse, start to experience depression or other health problems. I just wish that the beauty standard, especially for idols, to change. I just don't understand why people can't just accept people for who they are.
That's horrible. She's my bias. And I love the fact she's not a fucking twig!
fat??? Where? Can someone please point it out because I honestly don't see it. Like she's healthy and beautiful, I'm failing to see the problem. She's 15 leave her alone
Can I just ask a question..... Where in the hell is she "Fat"!? She's perfect she's got meat and she's healthy. Her proportions ARE on point damn I'd kill forna figure like hers. And the fact that she's 15 two years younger then my own daughter and I think she's growing up perfectly. And to those who think they have the right to tell this child what she supposed to look like who are you to make that statement? ARE YOU FAMOUS ARE YOU UP THERE DANCING AND SINGING.? Yea I didn't think so....ugh as a victim of this kind of hard this girl needs to shrug it off perform for herself and shoot up a great big F__k you to all the haters
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It's sad because what America considers thick and sexy , Korea considers fat and overweight
This is so wrong I don't even know what to say
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