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This is just a short list based on MV concepts, but I plan to make a reading list based on books idols have said they've been reading :)

Here we go!

Jekyll and Hyde

This book inspired VIXX's Hyde and is a classic! It follows the story of one man who meets a doctor that is not exactly what he seems...


Of course I need to add Sherlock Holmes in here! His stories were the basis of SHINee's hit "Sherlock' :)

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

This short story is the inspiration behind BTS' 'Spring Day' and you can even see the motel in the MV is named after it!


We all know by now that this is the inspiration behind BTS' Blood Sweat and Tears' and is probably on a LOT of army reading lists :)

My Sweet Orange Tree

This controversial story inspired IU's song Zeze and she got in a bit of trouble for it. But its a famous Brazilian novel and film!

Alice in Wonderland

Thanks to Boyfriend and IU, and probably many more, I can add this to my list! Its always fun to re-read Alice :)

Paradise Lost

Ga-In did a craaazy interpretation of this poem for her song Paradise Lost and it inspired many people to read this classic!

What's on your summer reading list!?

Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so hyped to continue reading!!! School leaves no time for reading, but summer break is upon me!!!!! Thank you for this spectacular card!!! I will definitely read these books and then think about how amazing the kpop concept is!!!!
It makes me pretty happy because I have read all of these!!! I was such a book nerd a few years back but suddenly I stopped. I miss it. I'm currently re-reading Demian though! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Herman Hesse is a bit of a chore to read. Still trying to read Siddartha but I keep picking up other books
right now my reading list is on hold because i got classes need to be done in the summer