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Hello Supernova! It's Melissa with my AMS Feature called Thai Feature! Its where I share all about the handsome and sexy Thai male stars. Who is this week's Thai male star...

For this week's Thai male star is no other then the talented, handsome and sexy...
Porshe Saran Sirilak
Let's get to know more about him.

Saran Sirilak (Thai: ศรัณย์ ศิริลักษณ์; also spelt Saran Siriluksana), better known by his nickname Porsche (พอร์ช), is a Thai actor and singer.[1] He is studied bachelor's degree at Ramkhamhaeng.

Born Saran Sirilak 14 November 1991 (age 25) Bangkok, Thailand Other names Porsche Occupation Actor, Singer

Saran Sirilak is a Thai actor and singer. He was born in Bangkok. Goes by the nickname Porche. Hobbies include fitness and basketball. Attended Rungsit University.
Dramas Look Khon with: Fern Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon (Ch.7 2010) Mon Ruk Mae Nam Moon (Ch.7 2011) Sanae Bangkok with: Gun-Jae-Sal (Ch.7 2011) Bo Bay with: Min Peechaya Wattanamontree (Ch.7 2011) Poo Hai with Chat Pariyachat (Ch.7 2011) Look Poochai Mai Ta Pode with: Chat Pariyachat (Ch.7 2012) Fai Marn with: Chat Pariyachat (Ch.7 2012) Yok Luerd Mungkorn with: Min Peechaya Wattanamontree (Ch.7 2012) Supabaroot Luke Pu Chai 2013 with Bo Thunyasupan (CH.7 2013) Pleng Ruk Pa Bpeun Taek with Sammie Puntitha Cowell (CH.7 2014) Khun Pee Tee Ruk with Fern Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon (CH.7 2014) Tapode Logun with Chat Pariyachat (CH.7 2015) Cheun Cheewa 2016 with Camilla Kittivat Kirn (Ch.7 2016) Tai Rom Pra Baramee with: Pimmy Pimprapa Tangprabhaporn (Ch.7 2016) So Sanaeha 2017 with Peak Pattarasaya Kreursuwansiri (Ch.7 2017) Sai Lohit 201? with Nao Tisanart (Ch.7 Upcoming) Paragit Ruk Series with Kwan Usamanee Vaithayanon (Ch.7 Upcoming) Movies Kao Ruk Tee Korea as Won (year 2010
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Now for a Porsche spam!

Well that's all for this week's AMS: Thai Feature! I hope you all enjoyed learning about another Handsome Thai male star.

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