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-Five years later-

The cold breeze felt good on my skin as I stood in the deserted cemetery. It was spring, the flowers were blooming, and the sky was clear as day. However, I didn't care really about the sky today. My brown eyes downcast at the gray stone the stood in front of me. It read Kim Taehyung, with a simple date. The date of his death. I was wearing all black, and Jungkook was standing beside me, with a tiny hand of a child being grasped in his hand beside him

"Hi." I whispered softly, the small bouquet of yellow flowers in my hands. It was the still early in morning despite the glowing blue sky and I heard a cute small yawn escape the little kid's mouth.

"Mom I'm tired." he said, his free tiny hand rubbing his tired eyes. I tugged my lips up into a smile and looked to my side.

"I know. I'm sorry we made you get up so early. We'll leave soon." I said sweetly. Jungkook smiled and looked back at the tombstone and back to Jun ho, our son. "Do you want to lay some of the flowers down this time?" He asked, causing the boy to nod shyly.

Jungkook turned to me and carefully took some of the flowers out of my hands and kneeled down next to the boy.

"Here." Jungkook said, slowly and carefully putting the flowers into Jun ho's small hands. Jun ho smiled a little and placed the flowers on the gray stone.

"Did I do it right?" He asked us, and I nodded.

"Perfect." I said, giving him a smile.

It's been five years since V had died and every year I visit his grave. When I had first arrived in Jungkook's territory I would go every day, but I would easily get lost so I took me a while to find my way around. However, living here has let me get familiar with the place.

Five years ago when I identified myself as Giala to Jungkook's dad, Jungkook had been right. His father, when we showed him Yoongi's body, immediately began to make good on the marriage promise of our two packs. I tried to tell him that I wouldn't go along with it, but he only shooed me away, saying that it would benefit both of us if we united. So, in the next week, I buried V and was married. When my father got the news of Yoongi's death and my wedding at the same time he was furious and tried to stop it, but by the time he got there, it was too late. If he had made a scene it would only result in a huge conflict between the two packs.

Of coarse I wasn't ready, nor did I want to love Jungkook at that time. We had only met a week ago in all honesty, and the only time I had kissed him in the following year was during the ceremony, bur after that, I told him that I wouldn't kiss a man I didn't love. I made it clear. Jungkook respected that and said he would win me over eventually.

In the following year, he would always bring me flowers and would help me around the house that we shared. He even slept on the couch. I guess slowly, but surely my heart began to open up and let him in, and when we kissed for the first time in a year and a half it was then the imprinted tattoo showed up on Jungkook's wrist. Jungkook was ecstatic, seeing that he had found his soul mate, and so was I, because that meant I could move on.

Jungkook and I stood at the grave for another minute until we realized Jun ho was starting to get antsy and we had to leave. However, as we walked away I felt Jungkooks strong hand grasp mine and I turned back, giving V a smile and mouthed a quick "goodbye."