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2nd preview for Absolute Darling/Absolute Boyfriend here. Follow me at for all the fastest news and previews on ur fav dramas! ===================================== YanzongShi: If you really love XiaoFei, you will know that no matter how much you look human, you will never be human Scientists: Miss Guan, we have to inform you of something. If Machine #1 continues to refuse to be reset, our company will have to terminate him by force. YanzongShi: XiaoFei... please marry me XiaoFei: Naite... please leave me
I haven't : ( poor thing! if the drama keeps following the manga so closely we know he will have a sad ending too. Same here! sucker for love stories !
Have you seen him in It started with a kiss? He's so cute and helpless....What is his problem he has no luck with leading ladies in his know what I meen...he-s always broken-hearted...
yeahhh... but I actually started liking it more halfway through the drama. the beginning part i thought was a bit draggy its sooo much better now. And i really like the love story!!!! hee i m a sucker for good love stories
Yay : D thank you! I'm so sad tho cause it's almost over : ( 3 more weeks
keke yeahhh I agree Jiro is REALLY GOOD LOOKING!!! yaay glad that you all like Absolute Boyfriend too I'll keep posting the previews with translation then!!!
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