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This week's Gamer Challenge is: Share your favorite game soundtrack! My favorite theme music comes from the Halo series. "Finish the Fight" orchestral composition is the most adrenaline pumping song that I could listen to all day. Shout out to @nshen1 @yinofyang @boredemily @garrusvakarian @lyricalmotion @brnkng @bumble for your awesome contributions!
I made a Pandora radio station based on the Halo OSTs to listen to while playing other games. It's awesome when the theme's guitar riff comes on as you're flying a transport chopper full of squadmates into a heavily occupied control point, 50 cal burning and bullets pinging off your helicopter in Battlefield. Aahhh the memories..
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the guitar riff is the best! I'm little behind with the challenges, will be sure to put some up soon!
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The music from Halo has always been one of my favorites... we have 4 soundtracks from the series (Halo 1-3 and Reach), and I find myself listening to them fairly often. It's just awesome, inspiring music.
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Beautiful choice @Get2daChoppa ! This is such an iconic piece of music. Then again, Halo has a lot of great music. Loving all this game music.
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