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This week's Gamer Challenge is: Share your favorite game soundtrack! My favorite theme music comes from the Halo series. "Finish the Fight" orchestral composition is the most adrenaline pumping song that I could listen to all day. Shout out to @nshen1 @yinofyang @boredemily @garrusvakarian @lyricalmotion @brnkng @bumble for your awesome contributions!
Beautiful choice @Get2daChoppa ! This is such an iconic piece of music. Then again, Halo has a lot of great music. Loving all this game music.
The music from Halo has always been one of my favorites... we have 4 soundtracks from the series (Halo 1-3 and Reach), and I find myself listening to them fairly often. It's just awesome, inspiring music.
the guitar riff is the best! I'm little behind with the challenges, will be sure to put some up soon!
I made a Pandora radio station based on the Halo OSTs to listen to while playing other games. It's awesome when the theme's guitar riff comes on as you're flying a transport chopper full of squadmates into a heavily occupied control point, 50 cal burning and bullets pinging off your helicopter in Battlefield. Aahhh the memories..