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Well, sort of.

Mnet is starting a new TV show that will take place at a fictional school for female idols, where they will learn everything from how to react to stage malfunctions to how to answer interview questions.

The requirement?

Just be pretty.

Watch the commercial here:
This definitely seems like a show made for old Korean men (who are stereotypically the biggest fans of Kpop girl groups in Korea...playing up the 'creepy old man' vibes...)
I would like this better if it were to turn into a horror story cause honestly that's what I got from the commercial hahah I wanted a monster to appear at the end and suddenly the girls turn super badass and have to fight it.

But hey, maybe there will be a plot twist ;)

its like love live but for kpop
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im thinking this is how mnet got the idea
So there's not gonna be a group formed after this right? After we just talked about how there are so many currently.
idk its super unclear but it sort of sounds like it :/
this is cool but I like the horror idea too