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I started HoC last month and somehow I have caught up and only have 3 episodes left of season 4.

I have no idea where season 5 will take us but I'm excited!

Here's the trailer:

I also find it hilarious/terrifying that both Claire and Frank Underwood (aka Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey) have both said that the Trump administration is actually stealing their moves from House of Cards, and the writers are worried LOL!

Robin Wright:

Kevin Spacey:

Anyone else watching? I haven't started yet!

watched..nice season
I'll always remember that my 8th grade history teacher learned what to binge watching is.So she binged watched House Of Cards. She was so excited bc it's all about U.S history. She learned what binge wachting was from her daughter. I'll never forget that my 8th grade teacher started watching Netflix especially House Of Cards. Well now I'll go off into high school. Today was my last day of school. I had a lot too say. 😊