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I found this SUPER cool optical illusion made by @bts._tae on Instagram *make sure to give them a follow* and i was JUNGSHOOK!! ♡.♡
☆Click on the individual image you want to try
☆Stare at the RED dot for 25-30 seconds without blinking *or at least try not to blink*
☆Stare at the wall or ceiling and blink as fast as you can (For me i just stared until my sight adjusted)

*QUICK TIP: I turned up my device's brightness up a tad bit and found that that helped a lot *

1). Jungkook

2). Taehyung

3). Jimin

4). Rap Monster

5). J-Hope

6). Suga

7). Jin

Did it work for you guys !? :D


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I love optical illusions. I did jungkook first and I started squealing. I did all of bts.
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lol😂 those were really cool. Thank you for sharing!
Wow! This is super neat! I, of course, tested it with J-Hope. Everyone needs more hope. ^u^
Hahahahah agreed 😆
omg this is so cool!! with Jimin somehow it was a different picture then the one on the screen. I swear this Busan boy is out t get me. 😥😄
Hahaha Jimin is a dangerous boy 😂😂
I remember doing this a long ass time ago, and it was honestly the coolest thing ever! the only way I'll ever see Taehyung in real life! 😂😂
@xDisappearx one day you will see him in person...but you may just end up a pile of mush
Omg Suga I wasn't ready oh god my poor heart ❤️
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