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(End of 36)
Ji looks at Gil, smiles and whispers back; “I think he has a little crush, you American girls are hot stuff or haven’t I told you that lately?”
She looks up at the ceiling, “Hmm, as I recall you’ve been m.i.a. for the last 30 days.”
“Let me correct that.” He stands up, pulls her to her feet and drags her onto the dance floor.
As Jiyong’s arms slip around Jak’s waist, he pulls her in flush against his body. Thirty days is a really long time to be without your man and Jak curls her arms around his neck, holding tight.
Jiyong groans in her ear, “Have I told you how much I missed you?”
“Mmmm,” Jak replies, too happy to want to verbalize.
His hands start to wander as he says, “You should have flown out to stay for a little bit,” he scoldes and takes a nip out of her collar bone as punishment.
“You could have flown home just as easily, it’s only a 2 hr flight.” She quips right back at him and pinches his nipple in response.
He swats her on the butt; “Behave vixen, we’re in public”.
She pulls back and gives him a ‘you did not just say that to me Mr. Handsy’ look. Jiyong laughs and takes her lips in a heated kiss. He drapes himself over her as much as he can, realizing again how tiny she is.
After two songs he pulls back and whines, “Can we go home now?”
A devilish look crosses his face and Jak gives him a knowing look, then chastises him. “I’m not the one that wanted to play host. It’s your own fault.”
With that she turns and drags him off the dance floor back to the table. She can feel {YN]’s unease as they arrive and immediately turns to look at Gil. He’s draped all over one of their other friends, trying to act nonchalant but totally still eyeing her.
Jak rolls her eyes and leans down, “Tired”?
Two minutes later, Jak has Jiyong and [YN] back in his car and headed to his house.
“I’m not letting you spend your first night in a new country by yourself!” Jak growls and argues. She puts her hand up, “STOP. You aren’t going to win so just give up. Plus, we only have mats to sleep on and Jiyong’s guest room has a bed. You’re welcome.” She faces forward again, knowing she's won.
Jak can hear Jiyong prowling around his bedroom, pretending to put his stuff away. She knows him better. She’s sure he hasn’t even opened his suitcase. She turns back to [YN], trying to make sure everything is good before she abandons you and then herself to Jiyong.
Hugs are given, goodnights spoken and she tiptoes back towards his bedroom. Standing in the doorway she watches him for a minute. She has to cover her mouth to muffle the sound but can’t help but smile. He has opened his suitcase; in fact he has thrown everything out of it and around the room. He’s sitting on the bed, mid mess twirling a box in his hands and looking very serious. She’s missed him just as much as he claimed to miss her, maybe more.
She quietly walks through the door and clicks it closed behind her. As he turns to see her he has maybe thirty seconds to prepare before he’s once again jumped by a red blur.
The next morning Jak has Jiyong drop the two of you off at the apartment. She excitedly opens the door, “Tada! Welcome home!”
“It’s tiny.”
“This is the biggest unit in the building! Remember, there isn’t a whole lot of space over here so we have to be smart in the organization department. I started, but I know you’re better at it than me.”
Jak moves over to what looks like an entertainment center and pulls back the drapes. “Voila! Closet space. My side and yours, pretty smart hunh?”
“Where is all your stuff?”
“I didn’t bring a lot from home; I knew there wouldn’t be much space.”
“But you said that Jiyong went through your closet, there are no matched outfits in here.”
Jak smiles and shrugs a little, “I have closet space at Jiyong’s.”
“I knew it! Is this really big enough for the two of us?”
“Definitely. There are a ton of little cubby holes, let me show you!”
Later that afternoon Jiyong calls.
“Hey babe, I’m a little sore and really tired. How are you?” He doesn't sound tired at all, in fact it sounds like he's purring and quite pleased with himself.
Jak grins, “Well someone’s out of shape and I thought you big, bad idols were used to no sleep?” She glances over her shoulder and heads into the bathroom for more privacy.
“Marathons aren’t usually my thing.”
“Oh really? Since when?”
"Since 30 days ago,” he laughs and sighs contentedly. “So is everyone settled? She like the apartment?”
“I think so, it’ll take her some time to get used to how much smaller things are over here. Right now she’s napping.”
“Has she been asleep long? Do you think she’ll want to go clubbing with us tonight?”
“She likes to dance, but I’ll check when she gets up. She never naps very long.”
“Excellent. The gang wanted to get together again. Some are heading out at the end of the week for schedules.”
“Alright. I’m good with it, I’m sure she’ll be up in a bit and I’ll let you know.”
Jak pounces the minute movement occurs. “Hey, wake up, wake up!”
“Seriously Jak?!?” comes the reply as Jak’s pushed off and over to the side.
“Seriously Jak?” Jak mimics. “Yes seriously. Ji wants us to go clubbing tonight and the whole group will be there, it’ll be fun.”
“YOU go clubbing? Wow, you have changed.”
Jak sticks her tongue out. “You’re so grumpy when you first wake up. What’s not to like about going out with my sexy boyfriend and having his arms around me while we dance, squished together on the dance floor?” she smirks.
“Ahh. See there’s the problem. I don’t have a sexy boyfriend or anything to wear. You go have fun, I’m going back to sleep.”
“NO!” Jak yells and takes away the pillow, holding it hostage. “There will be TONS of guys that will want to dance with you. You’re American and you’re beautiful, it won’t be problem. Plus Ji has a friend that does what you do for work. I can introduce you." She grins, knowing she's won, "Wear whatever you want, no one cares, it’ll be dark and crowded.”
At the club, Jiyong takes Jak’s hand and she reaches back for [YN]’s. It is very dark and very crowded, Jak isn’t willing to let go of either one of you.