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BTS recently held a concert in Sydney, Australia at the Qudos Bank Arena and they made BANK.

The boys almost sold out the area, filling 11,023 seats out of 11,424 and the ticket sales alone amounted to......


Ticket prices ranged from $74.58 USD to $256.66 USD (I sure hope the $256 included a meet and greet or something... why is kpop so expensive haha)

That money doesn't even include the merch or anything else sold at the show!

Of course a lot of that money will go to the organizer, the venue, and a million other things but still. BTS is ballin' right now.
Wow! Congrats to them! That's why I can't go to most concerts because they are expensive. I got lucky and got a cheaper ticket to Big Bang MADE from a awesome person using vingle.
is there even 11,000 people in Australia like dang