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Another chapter of funny! This was just so randomly put in and morphed like crazy, hope someone gets a laugh out of it!
Chapter 3

“Allie!” I heard Berry yell towards me Someone else was calling for Namjoon. “What is it Berry?” I asked. “Haley is missing” he said sounding panicked. “Really? How can she get lost here?” I asked. “I came back and she ran away” he stated. Sighing I looked over at the crowd of people and went in that general direction. “How bad would it be if I called out her nickname?” I questioned myself. After a couple minutes of searching the people and not spotting I took the sign and called out for her.
“Bunny?!” I called out.

The closest people to me gave me strange looks but I shrugged it off and kept calling until someone responded “Bunny?” A guy said behind me. “I'm looking for my friend, she got lost in the crowd” I said while turning around to see bright eyes shining at me. “ my name is Bunny” he said speaking in english as someone behind me screamed. “Chipmunk!” I heard Haley replying to me. “There we go got my response” I said just as I felt someone slam against my back and felt like someone was choking me. “Chipmunk!” Haley was hyped “oh oh hi! Your Jungkook” she said  her arms around my neck were squeezing a little too tight and I had to slap at her arms to release me. “Hi” he said with a wave. “I am a huge fan of yours” Haley exclaimed with a huge smile on her face. “You were just on the BBMA’s a couple days ago, are you going back?” She was talking fast and looked as if he was having trouble following along. Haley realized it too. “I mean you are -” she was having trouble thinking of how to say it in Korean as she was trying to do. “Leaving? Done with BBMA?” She managed it stumbling with shortening her sentence. “Ah, yes done” he nodded smiling at her. “Good good” she sighed. “Get this I'm actually meeting one of the people I have a joke about” I said turning to look at Haley. “Joke?” Kookie questioned which made me laugh. “Yes” I said brightly nodding to him. “Vanilla Ice Cookie” I said which got a weird look from him. As he gave me that look I saw Namjoon come up beside him. “What is that? Are you making fun of my boy?” Namjoon questioned annoyed. “No! No” I turned red as I was denying it. “Here! We have a YouTube video of it” Haley was already pulling up YouTube on her phone. A moment later she had pulled a clip of it up and turned her phone to show it to them. The two of us waited watching their reactions, namjoon was laughing as he recounted it to kooki who in turn started laughing at the joke. “We're stand up comedians. With our love of kpop we kind of input it into our act” I explained to him. “Hales and Ales duo” Namjoon read what our names were on the screen. “I heard of you!” Kooki exclaimed snapping his fingers “you fuzzy phone” he pointed to me which made me grin. “My purple fuzz” I laughed holding out my phone with the case on it. His eyes grew wide. His hand reached out and he petted my phone, I chuckled a little. “Soft” he said as I handed my phone to him and he ran his hand over the fur. “What kind of case do you have?” Namjoon said turning Haley’s phone over to see the image on her phone. There was a picture of a Bunny with a carrot in its mouth. “Look it's you!” Namjoon nudged kookie. “Hey! Omg how come I didn't put this together before” I smacked my forehead. “What?” Haley asked. “Before picture” I pointed to her phone “and after” I pointed to my phone. The three of them stared at the phones, kooki quickly handed mine back to me. “No!” Kooki exclaimed “you killed bunny fufu” he said. I burst out laughing so much tears were in the corners of my eyes, haley wasn't much better. Even namjoon was laughing at it. The group of us laughing had drawn attention and a few more people came over. “What's so funny?” One of them asked. Namjoon said something in Korean and than the others started laughing. They introduced Tae and Jimin to us. J hope and Jin had come up shortly after. After several minutes of talking Namjoon grabbed Haley’s phone, not wanting to touch the purple fuzz bunny, and input his number than called it. “When you have a show let me know, I want to come” he said. “Me too!” The rest started chorusing after him. “We'll be sure to.  I would say please do the same, but your concerts are always sold out” I said. “Still! Let me know when you have a concert!” Haley said. An announcement that the plane was landing had us all moving so we could get ready to board the plane.
the two phone cases so you can see what they look like!

Poor bunny fufu. 😂😂😂😂
hahaha no you killed bunny fufu!!!! gosh I love it!
my phone needed a case, bunny fur was necessary. besides bunny died from sparkle poisoning ,😂
That was a cute chapter and those phone cases are adorable