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BTOB already shine as a group, but I wanted to take a peak at some of the things the boys are doing individually or how they collaborate well with others. Every one of them are so talented and have been blessed with gifts. Let's check out a tiny bit of what I mean:

Let's start with our Eunkwangie. Does everyone know he's one of the 4 stars playing the leading role of Hamlet in the Rock Opera production of the Shakespeare classic? Did you also know that's one of the reasons he's been hitting the gym so hard? Check out this interview (w/ CNU of B1A4 - another hamlet)

Next it's Hyunsik. He featured on Luizy's (Seungyoun of UNIQ) single "Baby Ride" a little while ago, and his vocals and smile really brightened up the MV and song even more than it already was!

Then there's Sungjae and Minhyuk in their dramas "Goblin: The Great and Lonely God" and "At the Play's End" - respectively. These two sure know how to grab your attention... either through intense gazes and amazing skills or squeal worthy scenes - they light up the screen. *SPOILERS ahead if you haven't seen these dramas yet*

Then there's Peniel with his own vlog channel on YouTube called POV
here's a sweet and informative Q&A from our sweetie Peniel. (Pssst - maybe we'll get a photography exhibit and another mixtape someday!) Peniel, HWAITING!

Finally we have Ilhoon and Changsub bringing us amazing songs from the Piece of BTOB project! Ilhoon gave us Vol.2 with the really catchy and fun self composed "Fancy Shoes" (omg he's so extra and adorable and cool all at once)
And Changsub gave us his very first ever self composed song "At the End" as Vol.1. (His voice is so asdfghjkl ... amazing)
(please stream their songs on Melon, Spotify, and Naver so they get credit! Let's support the preshes)

Shine on boys, shine on!!

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