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Que tal peeps!

I have been sitting on this for a bit after finishing Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo x Scholar who Walks at Night. I highly recommend yall watch these!

Lee Joon Ki Yass come through boo!!

He is super sexy and know I understand the phrase wine geta finner with time! He is 35 years old and still sexy asf!

That jaw line peeps!!

Enjoy the spam...I'm speechless!

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oh he's handsome 😃
Sorry ! Attitude pays important role too. Handsome is nothing !
He is the only man I'd give up all my idol crushes for without thinking twice about it.
Though I am his fan for so long , I would put him in a trash can anytime for making a lot of fan angry of his attitude . It took him so long to say he is dating his current gf. Fan already believed he is with IU. Theres alot of unexplained happening in the media surrouding him and IU. The fans already called him a liar then he denied the news. Only then he announced he is with his current GF. I pitied both girls . Sorry ! You people might not like my comment
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Yes ! Thats his right . But he do not have to annouce he is dating his present gf. But at least when fans started questioning his relationship about him and IU he can straight away denied them. Full stop. Why wait untill fans call him liar . Be transparent and don' t think we fans are stupid .
But that my true feeling as ex fan.