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Hello peoples! Sorry I've been so absent from Vingle. Between my new job and frequent writer's blocks, I've been having trouble writing. But I'm finally at the point where I can introduce my new story.

If you didn't read my card from like 5 months ago, or if you've forgotten since I'm practically a ghost on here, I presented 4 possible storylines and asked people what they wanted. After I figured it out, I tried to start working on it. The pic above will be the cover for my new FF, The Ties That Bind. I plan on trying to start moving my stories to Wattpad since it seems everyone is leaving Vingle, but I felt obligated to at least post this story since I promised it.

And now for the introduction:

This is a Vampire AU. The vampires will be a bit different from your typical vampires and I plan to explain it as it goes along. And the main interests are:
Yes, I accidentally pitted Namjoon and Yoongi against each other again.

So, storyline. Like I said, it's a Vampire AU. The story pretty much explains itself as it goes, but I wanted to let people know about the story. It's an Earth AU story, so pretty much all of the same things except vampires exist. And because of that, enforcers were established. They have separate branches for human enforcers and vampire enforcers who technically work together even though they don't in practice. Enforcers are responsible for being neutral third parties to keep the peace, though this too doesn't work in practice. This story takes place in Korea but a more mixed Korea. I pruposefully kept some things vague, so don't worry too much.

Because vampires and humans are trying to coexist, there is a lot of tension between the species. There are the elitists who vehemently believe that their race is the best, there are equalists who work tirelessly to try to help people (both vampire and human) from being victims of elitists, and there's everyone else who believe that as long as it doesn't involve them directly, there's no reason for them to be involved.

Sam is a human enforcer and an active equalist. She is known for working overtime to help protect vampires in human enforcer custody and takes in those who need help. While off-duty, she runs across a vampire being beaten by a gang of humans. With a desperate request that he not be taken to the hospital, she takes him to her place instead, putting him in the extra room she has just for those situations. When morning comes, Namjoon is well enough to introduce himself and let his friends know where he is. He and Sam hit it off instantly. But when the guys come to pick Namjoon up, Yoongi takes a liking to her as well. New bonds are forged and old ones are tested. Things get worse when gangs start to crop up trying to disturb the tentative peace between the species. With Sam, and now Namjoon and Yoongi, caught in the middle of it, they have to try to make it out alive and hope that there is still a chance for happiness.

Sorry, I suck at summaries and intros.

Warning ahead of time, by some suggestions/requests I did decide to dabble in smut for this story. There are a few scenes that I hope to have someone check for me before I get around to posting those chapters. I am completely brand new to writing it and have no real world experience myself so I've been trying to read some smut to help me with it. I hope it turns out well and I don't completely embarrass myself. There will be language in the story, obviously sexual content and sensuality/suggestive wording, and some blood and violence. There are some specific trigger warnings throughout the story and I will post a very brief warning at the beginning of those particular chapters. I don't know what all constitutes needing a trigger warning so I just plan to do it for the obvious ones.

Well, I won't take up much more time, but please, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask or say. I'm going by my old taglist so if there are any changes in names or if anyone would like to be tagged or untagged, please let me know.

I hope to release a chapter each on Sunday and Thursday since those are usually my days off. And the chapters are a bit long since I combined chapters to keep the overall number down. I hope to see you all soon and I really hope I don't disappoint. I feel like my writing hasn't been so good lately, but fingers crossed. Thank you for keeping with my writing so far.

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Ooooo this sounds really interesting!! I'm looking forward to reading it~
@CrookedShadow thanks. I hope I don't disappoint
Looking forward to it.
@JaxomB thanks! Hope it turns out ok