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I woke up this morning to this heartbreaking news. My beloved oppa has done something wrong amd to be quite frank since it is against Korean laws he should be punished but the fan in me wishes it is a lenient punishment. After GD's and Park Bom's past drug scandals I'm surprised that T.O.P as the oldest BigBang member has been caught up in this marijuana issue. And as he is serving his military service I am quite shocked that this is happening.
YG Entertainment has alread y confirmed T.O.P admitted to the charges, but reports say he initially denied the accusations. The Big Bang member and a female acquaintance in her 20s were found to have illegally smoked marijuana in his home on 3 different occasions between October 9-12 of last year. 

T.O.P first told police, "It wasn't marijuana. It was an electronic cigarette." However, his acquaintance eventually admitted to the crime. Police also stated the acquaintance had multiple drug offenses on file already.

With T.O.P's marijuana charge, netizens are revisiting the supposed government connection to YG Entertainment, which sprang up late last year. Rumors are alleging Choi Soon Shil, the aide and friend of recently impeached South Korean President Park Geun Hye, has a financial stake in YGE and YGE-affiliated buildings. 

Allegedly, this connection is why YG Entertainment labelmates, including Park Bom and G-Dragon, got away with their perspective drug scandals. Furthermore, there are speculations that T.O.P was charged for his drug use because YGE no longer has the protection of Choi Soon Shil, who was officially charged for intervening in state affairs last November.
Everyone makes mistakes and bad choices. If a person lives long enough it is guaranteed to happen. That being said I'm sure he regrets his choices and as with anything he'll have to deal with the consequences of his actions. I still love TOP and always will. I hope for the best for him as I always do. I'm just sorry this whole thing is happening.
I agree with you @CallMeMsDragon and I will also continue to love and support T.O.P oppa I hope he will continue to reflect on himself
I hope he's okay #TOPSupport🙏🙏
Makes me sad to hear this :(
My TOP 😢