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I really love and adore this picture. SO MUCH!!!
If you haven't watched this v live yet, you are missing out. It is one of my favorites!
This is another one of my favorite pictures of him! Oh, who am I kidding, literally every picture of him is my favorite picture. I love him so much!
He looks like he could be a doctor. Like he would pull it off well. I would be going to the doctors everyday if my doctor looked like that.
I have no idea what he is holding in his hand, but it reminded me of a wand, and just made me wish that hogwarts was real even more. A lot of people think he would be a hufflepuff, which means we would have been in the same year and the same house! I realize that I am a nerd/geek, and I am proud!
I love his earring so much and I sometimes wish I could wear earrings again just so I could get matching earrings with him! But I gauged my ears(only to a gauge six, so it isn't that big), and well, that hurt just a little too much for me to go back now.
Why is he so cute in glasses? By the way, I got the idea to make this as a card because of a Monbebe chat I'm in on kakao. They were sending a whole spam of everyone wearing glasses and I was just like, this would make a great card!!!

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Please keep this baby away from me