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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek
What: La la la lalala sing the smutty song la la la lalala Smut the whole day long.
Story: He can do whatever he wants no question asked, now you're at the mercy of two new Masters while something dark lingers....

Y/n's POV

You got dressed like Jay told you to and he took you out to a nice indoor resturant for, what was now, lunch. You were mainly quiet; you didn't like being alone with him. It was also because you didn't like the fact that Kiseok was basically giving you away to another man when he was always so possessive of you. You felt like maybe you were beginnging to be too much for him. It annoyed you but at the same time you wondered if he was getting rid of you for a reason. Maybe he was just getting tired of you, he was probably looking at other girls. Maybe you were living off him too long and he thought you were just with him because he gave you money. Something inside you began to twist and make you sick at the thought that Kiseok wasn't in love with you and that you were just a problem for him now. It was driving you crazy and you hated it.

"Y/n." Jay called to you.

You looked up at him and noticed that there was a tear running down your cheek; you quickly wiped it away.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing. You said you wanted to talk." you said trying to change the subject.

Jay sat up straight and clasped his hands together on the table. The waiter had taken your orders a while ago and had already delievered your drinks. Sitting in front of Jay, out in the open in the heart of Seoul was odd, you should be here with Kiseok.

"You know he cares about you right?" Jay said.

"That's what he keeps saying." you said.

"He does Y/n. He's just never been one to really say how he feels unless he's pushed into doing it. Him saying he cares is the equivalent to him saying he loves you, he just doesn't know how to say it properly."

"Does someone that loves you give you away to someone else?" You shot back.

He gave you a simpathetic smile,

"He's only trying to protect you. You should've heard him when he found out you were assaulted. He cursed out loud right during a meeting, he was so furious he had to excuse himself to twenty minutes. I think he was far more worried about you than he was willing to tell us." He said.

It actually made you feel good that he was worried about you; still, it didn't make the situation any better. If you belonged to him then he should be the only one allowed to touch you and him allowing Jay to touch you felt like he was violating the agreement. Although, you agreed he could do whatever he wanted to you no question asked. Aside from a safeword you said when you felt really uncomfortable, you had to do whatever he asked or he'd bring that up. It was the core of your relationship.

You remembered back last year a man passed by you in the woman's department store. He was looking at you and you could feel it. He was with a woman as well, every now and again he'd turn back to her to make it seem like he was invested in the conversation but then his eyes would fall back on you. You didn't want to cause a scene and even more you didn't want to have Kiseok cause a scene so you tugged on his hand and asked him if you two could leave. He looked surprised to hear you say that since he was buying you the lingerie you said you wanted but at that point you were kind of just done having this creep stare at you. He probably knew you from when you were dancing, you didn't doubt he had considering his wandering eye was obvious. If she had stopped talking for a second and looked at him she'd see it too.

You held onto Kiseok tighter and asked him if you two could just leave but he said he'd pay for the stuff first and then he'd take you home or you two could go out and eat. He only said that because your stomach had growled and at that point he probably figured it was because you were hungry and it was around the time for you to eat that you wanted to leave so abruptly. You held onto Kiseok's hand and felt something hit your butt. You looked up at Kiseok and normally if he did something like that in public he'd look down at you with a little grin, maybe even scrunch his nose to paraylze you but he was looking before you two like nothing had happened. You looked over your shoulder and saw the guy standing behind you two in line. He hand things hanging on his arm but the girl wasn't there anymore. She probably walked off to get something else, she looked ready to buy the whole store.

"Can I wait outside?" you asked Kiseok in a whisper.

Kiseok looked down at you and lifted your chin before kissing you softly,

"Baby girl we're up next just stay close to me." he said.

You only nodded and looked in front of you again. Then there was another poke but it was closer to a particular area that you couldn't help but squeal when he did it. You jumped and turned back.

"Hey!" you said annoyed.

Then you realized that Kiseok was turning back to see the guy, his hand left your waist to ball into a fist. There was no warning and your reflexs weren't fast enough to stop him from punching the guy in the face. You jumped and covered your mouth wishing that you had just kept quiet a little longer. Kiseok only bent down calmly, looked him in the eye and said,

"If you touch her again they'll be wiping your blood and teeth off the floor."

He stood up and pulled you close to him again and paid for your things and you left. He was upset that you didn't tell him the first time that the guy had been watching you and that he had touched you before but he wasn't so upset that you were punished, maybe just annoyed that the situation escalated to that point, even if it was his decision to punch the guy in the first place. In a way, you could see how you not telling him about the assault would annoy him. He honestly didn't like anyone touching you but that's what made this situation so much more confusing for you. Random people couldn't touch you but out of the blue Jay was assigned to look after you and he could touch you all he wanted.

"Y/n I want you to understand something, Kiseok wants me to watch you while he's away. You know this already but it's truly for your own safety and the event going on in Busan he wants me to escort you to so I told him I would. This is all just to keep you safe." Jay said waking you from a memory.

"I could be safe with him. Whenever he's gone, I spend my time in the penthouse anyway. I clean what's already clean and then I'm on my laptop. I wouldn't even bother him I would just be where he knows I'm safe." you said.

"Y/n you're a distraction to Kiseok all the time. Even here, it's all he can do to not think about you while he's at work. He knows you leave the penthouse and he wonders if you're okay. He always makes his scheduled calls with you, even in the middle of a business meeting, he'll excuse himself to speak with you. He can get away with it because he's a boss and he does it so well that most people don't even realize he's calling his pet to check up on her."

You shook your head,

"I'm not a pet." you said.

Jay smiled and your waiter brought your food over to you two. You started to eat slowly and Jay said,

"You're a baby girl and that's fine. You're very good at it. It's ironic actually, for someone that steals his focus, you seem to give him more focus than anything."

"That doesn't make sense." you said.

"I know that's why I couldn't wait to meet you. You're pretty extraordinary Y/n. He's making better business calls now than he's ever done before. Past experience with him taking a girl into his home has shown that he doesn't focus as well and he makes terrible decisions. Often his business calls reflect the state of his relationship. You're so obedient to him that you've given him some kind of clarity. He's thinking things through. We co-own a business together aside from our own seprate businesses. I used to have to argue him down from ruining business relationships because he was so stressed from things at home. Now he's more level headed. Knowing you, having you in his life, has balanced him out so surprisingly well even his morale is incredible. People at the company actually like him now." Jay said and chuckled at the end.

You smiled a little with him. That was a pretty high compliment but how was it that you being in Kiseok's life for two years could change him that much? It couldn't have all been you but you weren't able to argue against it because you never saw him at work. You liked it a bit that you were his distraction but you also wanted to go with him on business trips. You didn't have to be a distraction you could blend in the background. You could stay in the hotel room and just write until he came to get you.

Kiseok always brought you back things from his travels. They were little key chains and he bought you a stuffed panda from Hong Kong once. He also bought you a Kimono and a fan from Japan. There was a store you really liked in Korea that was close to his childhood home, in Busan, that he went to once and brought you back a jacket from there. It had the phrase "Live free, be wild" and there were wolf eyes in the center. You loved the jacket, it was warm and it was like a varsity jacket, it was so cute. You wore it around the house for days and then in the fall you wore it every day outside until it got too cold for you to wear it anymore and you needed something heavier. Sometimes you went back to the jacket when it was cold in the house and you were in your bra and underwear, the rare times you weren't ass naked around the house.

He started off buying you expensive stuff when he went away but one time he bought you a china doll and it broke on his flight back home because people weren't being careful with his stuff. Then a few other times he realized that you didn't get as overly excited about the expensive things he bought you. You always had a feeling that it was too much and it felt like there was this huge responsiblity on you to keep it safe and not ruin it or you'd just seem ungrateful and like you were using him. Not that you were careless with the things that he did bring you but you felt less pressure to be careful. Instead you used or enjoyed the little things he brought you back and you sported them more than the expensive stuff. You never really wanted anything from him anyway. He bought your computer for you but you didn't ask him for it, you tried to refuse it and he wouldn't allow you. In fact, he told you he'd punish you if you didn't just take it. He bought you your car after that you had begged him to stop buying you stuff; he promised he'd stop after he bought you your iphone. He just like spending money even when you begged him not too.

"This isn't a punishment Y/n you know that." Jay said.

"Then why are you allowed to touch me?" you asked.

"It's a little perk for me I guess. Look, if he didn't trust me enough to touch you he wouldn't allow me. I admit I went over board with it this morning and I apologize for that I won't do it again. I thought it was cute how you got him to punish me though." Jay smiled.

You looked away.

"Look if you don't want me to have sex with you then I won't. I think he was just giving you an option. Especially since he'll have work to do when he comes back, you may be ignored for a little while." He said.

"Just like he ignored me yesterday. He rushed through the sex too." you said.

"He seemed to take his time this morning. He really put on a show with you. I wonder if I could get you to make the same sounds." Jay looked at you like you were a treat and he licked his lips.

As attractive as Jay was you only wanted Kiseok touching you.

"I don't want to have sex with you." you said.

"Noted, I'll keep my hands to myself. Now here's the thing. Kiseok put two people in charge of you while he's away." he said.

"What?" you asked annoyed.

"The same rules apply to him as they do me. You'll have to tell him that you don't want him to touch you. The reason that we're both in charge of you is because I have to leave around the sixteeth to go meet up with him. There's a meeting that involves both our companies and I have to be there to represent mine. They haven't been friends as long as me and Kiseok but he's a decent guy. He owns his own club and me and Jay have invested in it a few times." Jay said.

"So when was he planning to tell me all of this, the day he left?" you said annoyed again.

"Watch yourself Y/n. You wouldn't talk to him this way."

"Actually, I would and just suffer the consequences later. How can he just give me away to two men I don't know without talking to me. I agreed to his little rule, whatever, but blindsiding me like this is unfair." you said upset.

"And I agree but it's just the way things are working right now. I'm taking you up to Busan to see him, he wants you to find a new dress by then so that he can present you at this little dressy event. It's like a charity ball it'll be very nice so try and focus on that okay."

"I've never been one to focus on clothes. Did Kiseok ever tell you how we met?" you asked

He nodded while chewing food.

"He came out of the candy shop and you bumped into him. He caught you." Jay smiled.

That smile said a lot more than you needed it too but he was right. Kiseok knew his power and he caught you quick like you were a fly in a spider's web. You didn't even realize it until he had already gained the advantage and taken you as his. He teased you and took care of you and eventually you were all his. He had patience, six months worth of training and teasing but no touching was insanity to you. Even when you were single you didn't go six consecutive months being touched and teased only to never get some ass. He had you right in the palm of his hand until he knew you weren't going anywhere. He may have moved up his time line for you because he hated your roommates. All the boys and the girl. The ones that defended you weren't all that great as people and you didn't talk to them often but they knew right from wrong and they didn't adovcate rape at all. They had enough sense not to condone that.

"I was wearing a long t-shirt that was falling off my body and shorts that were so short I looked like I was wearing nothing underneath. Kiseok has me walk around the penthousse naked, thinking about clothing has never been a thing for me." You said.

"Well at this even both Kiseok and the guest arriving expect you to arrive in clothing. You can reveal as much as you want in a tasteful manner but be elegant please."

"Aye Aye Captain."

"I'll take you to see the other Master after we eat. You'll like him I'm sure." he said.

Liking him wasn't really your problem, if you were being honest, Jay was starting to grow on you. Not that you liked him but you were comfortable with him. It was just something you didn't imagine yourself being a part of. You just wondered how long Kiseok would keep this up. Were you now expected to be watched every time he had a business trip? That further soured your mood.

It got even worse when you met your third Master.

Jay pulled up to a club that you knew all too well, a club you used to work at. You looked at Jay wondering if he'd say something but you weren't sure if Jay or Kiseok knew of your previous employement here as a dancer. Kiseok knew you used to dance at a few places for extra cash, you had willingly told him that, there was no secret there. You weren't one to feel much shame for doing what you had to do to survive. Your father was the one that didn't like it.

He found out because of one of your roommates, it was honestly a slip up but he came by to see you and how you were living. You two had a rough relationship, he made an effort to be there as your father but he was a tough man to please and he was strict. Not to mention he had kicked you out of the house at seventeen over a stupid arguement but you thought he was trying to show you how hard it would be to live on your own in this world. It turned out living with people was probably worse for you but it wasn't hard at all for you to find something that would help you survive. You were a waitress by day and a stripper by night, you got money to pay your rent until rent went up at your place and you moved in with your roommates. By that time you had left your waitressing job, too many men recognized you for night escapades and the manager didn't like that. Stripping was the only thing you had at that point and your father blew his fucking top when he walked in the club to see you dancing.

You hadn't stripped yet, thankfully. In fact, all that night you were giving lap dances that didn't really require you to get naked and you had wracked up enough money for two months rent already. He pulled you out of the club mid dance and told you never again, a daughter of his wouldn't follow after your whore of a mother and so he told you he'd pay your rent, he'd help you surivive as long as you didn't go back to the club. Of course there were times you kind of thought "fuck him" and you did private shows, it wasn't often but one thing you did pretty well was save money that you earned on top of paying all your bills on time. You weren't moving back in with him you were just having your rent paid by him. As long as you weren't, in his terms, a whore he would provide for you. You never knew how to process those words from him, he was your father but you didn't know if it was out of love or simple pride and not wanting any more dishonor to his name than he already got from your mother.

Maybe that's why you were so annoyed by Kiseok never telling you he loved you. That's why him, saying he cared didn't mean as much as he loved you. That was something you needed and you might be more inclined to ask if you didn't think your heart would break if he gave you an answer you didn't like. What were you supposed to do? What were you supposed to say to figure it out and not get hurt?

Either way, with the exception of your father, you didn't mind being honest that you had danced for a while. You two got out of the car and Jay led you up to the front, the guards there you remembered and you could tell they remembered you. They looked at you coming up behind Jay and you shook your head for them to act like they hadn't seen you before. They kept their faces straight and addressed Jay instead,

"Are you here to see the boss?" Jong Ki said.

"Yeah he should be expecting us." Jay said.

They nodded and opened the door. You walked past them feeling grateful that they hadn't said anything but then you realized that you were going to meet the boss. That meant you were going to see-

"Shit." you whispered to yourself.

Did Kiseok know that you worked here and not tell you?

Oh Mintaek, the owner of this club, was actually pretty protective of you. You were in the top five of his most popular girls. Men liked you and that was a plus, you got your bartending experience here and that came in handy when you were getting Kiseok drunk enough to fuck you good. When Kiseok is having sex with you drunk, woo he can get it, he doesn't hold back, like sex wasn't already rough enough between you two. A drunk Kiseok teased you less.

You and Jay made it to the back of the club and he opened the door to the office you were all too familiar seeing. Mintaek had glasses on and he was looking down at some papers before his head came up to see who walked into his office. Mintaek smiled seeing you and said,

"Ah, so you must be the little girl."

You knew he remembered you just by the sweetly toxic tone he took with you. He was annoyed when your father yanked you out of the club and even more annoyed when you quit. He let you come back every now and again to amp up his sales, it benefited you both. It had been a while but you recognized his tone. You looked at Mintaek and nodded. He raised his eyebrows and smiled,

"Does she talk?" he said.

"Take it easy on her Mintaek she's a bit annoyed that she was blinded sided by all this." Jay said.

"Blindsided? He's been making these plans for weeks and he's just now letting her know? Some Master." Mintaek said.

"He's good to me." You quickly interjected.

Mintaek smiled and nodded,

"I'm sure he is. He's given us specfic orders on how to take care of you. Schedules of bed times, meals, giving you some play time outside. He also gave us permission to punish you if you misbehave puppy, do you think you can be a good girl for us?"

You nodded and he smiled even bigger,

"She's cute I like her. Sit both of you." Mintaek said.

You both took seats in front of his desk and Jay crossed his leg over the other and clasped his hands together. He looked up at Mintaek and you just sat there looking at the wall behind him. They started talking about something you couldn't follow, business stuff that didn't really make sense and you went to look at your phone to find some entertainment elsewhere. You flipped the phone open to see Kiseok had texted you, you weren't sure when but it was getting close to the time he normally called you. You looked at the text:

Candy Master: I hope Jay is taking care of you. Please be behave baby girl.

A small smile crept up on your face when you thought about sending him an emoji with the tongue sticking out. You could think of ways he may respond to you and most of them were playfully teasing but there were others that may come off as strict. You weren't sure which one you'd get. You weren't about to test the waters either. You pulled up an app to play sudoku and started playing while Mintaek and Jay continued their business but only five mintues passed by before your phone rang. You picked it up seeing it was Kiseok.

"Yes?" you answered.

"How are things going?" he asked.

"Fine, they're talking about something." You said disinterested.

"Can you at least sound happy to hear my voice baby girl? After what I gave you this morning I thought you'd be purring my name."

"I don't really feel like purring."

You looked up to see Jay and Mintaek looking at you and you stood up and walked out of the room. The last thing you needed was them watching you while you were on the phone with Kiseok.

"Did you know that Mintaek used to be my boss?" You asked him as soon as you got out of his office.

"Yes I did but I trust Mintaek that's why I chose him to be with you after Jay leaves."

"I don't want to be watched, it just feels like you don't trust me." you said.

"I'd trust you more had you just told me from the beginning."

"You would've done the same thing had I told you from the beginning Kiseok." you said upset.

"Watch your tone or I'll call Jay had have him make you write."

"Why are you doing this?" you said sadly.

"My number one priority is protecting you. He was let go after three months Y/n I have no idea what he will do to you while I'm gone."

You were silent for a moment and just breathing softly into the phone. You didn't know what to say. The thing that came to your mind was to tell him to take you with him but you knew that he would say no. Jay said you were a distraction for him, that he had to stay focused on his work but if he worried about you while he was at work and still in the same city, how would him being away from you make things better? You sighed and Kiseok said,



"Are you okay?" he asked.

You didn't know why that sigular question broke you but you felt tears run down you face and you covered your mouth and pulled the phone away from you so that he couldn't hear. You tried hard to force yourself to calm down. You had to breathe and fix yourself up. You shouldn't have been crying, it didn't make sense but something easily broke you down so that you would cry.

"Y/n baby talk to me." he said when you brought the phone to your ear again.

"I'm sorry, I'm okay."

"No you're not, you shouldn't lie to me about this stuff. There's something you're not telling me. Be honest with me." he said.

Do you love me?

"I'm fine. Jay said I needed to find a dress for the party you wanted me to go to. Do I need to have something new or can I choose from my closet." you asked.

Kiseok sighed on the other end of the line.

"Find something new I want to be surprised but nothing that shows too much of your legs. I want to show you off but not all of you. All of that is mine."

But you can give me away to two other men.

"Okay." you said softly.



"We're going to talk about this more when I get home. I'll tell Jay to let you be for now but I really need you to talk to me." he said.

"Okay." you whispered back to him.

"Bye baby girl."

"Bye Master."

The subtle click of Kiseok's phone came and you hung up as well. No I love you, no, I care about you just bye. Bye baby girl. Jay said Kiseok's "I care about you" is the equvilant to "I love you" but you couldn't fully accept that. Not when his version of love consisted of giving two of his friends the right to sleep with you. You walked back into the office and Jay was just finishing looking at his phone. He turned back to you and said,

"Looks like he wants me to take you back home."

Kiseok worked quick you always knew that. You nodded and Jay stood up to take you by the arm.

"Y/n I'll be taking you to lunch tomorrow. You'll have the whole weekened with Kiseok before he goes. Then we'll meet again." Mintaek said.

You nodded and said,

"See ya."

Mintaek was something else, you couldn't honestly be annoyed by him but sometimes he kind of got on your nerves with that little grin of his. You probably got on his nerves for the same thing when you were working for him. You had more attitude back then; you wondered if he'd enjoy the fact that you were obedient and submissive. Not all of your attitude had left you thought, most of it was contained. You didn't trust that you could stay contained around him which meant you could see sex with him being the only way to avoid punishment. Mintaek may have known how to work you but you also knew how to work him. You just hoped that Kiseok said that Mintaek couldn't make you work. You left that behind for good when you two hooked up. He wouldn't let it happen and you'd avoid it for as long as you could....

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