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Que tal peeps!

I came across this video and I have mixed feelings!

Soap Box Time

So again ARMY IS HAPPY THAT THE BOYS ARE BREAKING HISTORY. THE PROBLEM IS WHEN MONEY HUNGRY PPL JUMP ON THE BTS TRAIN. Yes Nicki cpuld be retweeting BTS enjoying her performance but she is def about dem coins and free marketing. The name BTS will pop all over the place on Twitter and with her name being tagged to BTS this is a way for her to gain more attention. Also what would they sing about if they did a collab? We all know what Nicki is known for......
But um....I do know BTS likes her especially Hobi. Bro was too hyped during her performance lol. He was a cute fan boy. Anywho and the end of the day I love BTS and I'm not knocking Nicki...even though loq key I was a fan until she sold out in her fan base that got her famous all once again she true to money before anything.

Bit um let me sip my tea lol! Comment below your thoughts!

I'm not feeling that. Hobi probably happy but that's one collab I don't want to see. maybe they meet her but IDK that's not a collab I'd be down for. I like Nikki not necessarily a fan but I do like her just don't wanna see them together
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yo I'm down for hobi and Tinashe I didn't know she did something with far East movement. I can't wait for Jay Park to collab with Tinashe. imma die when it happens.
stay in your lane
in my own opinion i say Nikki is giving them more popularity due to the fact that she is way more known around the world then they are. dont get me wrong i am an army myself. and i dont think Nikki needs the attention nor the money i think she can handle that part on her own. she is great a loving person if you guys have gotten the time to read about her.
i known about Nicki since day one. All about her abortion and her beef with Remy Ma. Also not regular Koreans know about her as we may think according to the youtube videos where they play her videos for regular Koreans. As far as non weaterns fans they know Nicki to shake her bum. They even mistake and call her beyonce or Rihanna. Nicki as I said put money first and she would benefit from being linked with BTS money wise to non western BTS fans. If she not money hungry why ppl had to pay to hear her diss track to Remey Ma? She knew her fans would want to hear it so she would get them coins. Which making ppl pay to hear a dis record is a hip hop 101 no no.
I'm glad they both take an interest in each other, but I would be angry if it's all just for show and attention and especially $
I'm not feeling her attention on the boys either but as a fan I'm happy that an artist they like is acknowledging them whatever the reason may be
exactly that's how I feel
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