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Last Time on Birthday Surprise…..

Bre (@BabydollBre)

Last year you had gotten it all wrong, the wrong cake, the wrong date, the wrong present and last year, despite all the disaster of your mistakes, Chase still loved you and loved everything you did for him. He enjoyed watching you panic, you were sure of it. When things went wrong and you found out the cake was his least favorite flavor and you bought him the wrong headset he was looking at, you felt like you ruined his entire day. No that wouldn't happen for a second year, you were determind to get it right this time. White cake was what he liked but not the pink frosting that had an after taste that tasted like poison.

Then there was his present, you knew he wanted this, too many times you two had passed the music shop and he talked about getting it all the time. It was alot of money so you had been saving up a lot to buy it for him. Like a lot. Nothing was too good for Cha Cha though, after everything he's done for you, he's been there for your ups and downs, he's seen you at your worst. Like evil Queen of the west Coast and then even more evil in Asia. I mean you had your reasons and he understood that which was why you loved him so much.

He didn't excuse your evilness but he didn't leave you because of it. It happened once in a blue moon where even Chase would feel like he would react the same as you. So he was good to you. Sometimes far more good than you believed you deserved which was why you made ten times the effort to make sure that he had a happy happy birthday.
Chase liked surprises but last time the guys threw him a suprise someone was too close to him and he swung off instinct and by someone I mean you. So you'd just have to remember that for this time. Then there was a theme, it couldn't be anything lame but you asked Jay to come and help you get one that was good. He suggested strippers and you smacked him upside the head.
"Yah! This isn't for you this is for Cha Cha!" You yelled at him.
He chuckled,
"I know that's why I suggested it."
You glared at him.
"Oh come on, it would be cool. His girlfriend is okay with him getting a lap dance. I mean it's what happens at bachelor parties."
"Jay I said no. Look I want AOMG parties to be different from Cha Cha's birthday celebration okay, it has to be something special. Something to erase the disaster his birthday was last year."
"Yeah that was pretty bad." He laughed.
"I will hit you over the head with a frying pan." you threatend him.
He laughed,
"Okay look. I've got a good idea that I think even you would agree to." he said.
He leaned over and whispered in your ear about all the things that you could do for Cha Cha. Some were beautifully creative for all the guest that would be there and the last half was so dirty you kind of felt like you had cheated on Cha cha just by listening to Jay's filthy suggestion. Still, he might like all of those things. So you agreed to all of them.
This was all done the week before, the cake was already ordered and headed to AOMG. Duckie and Gray were setting up the banner. The party favors were small samplers of liquor that Jay put together with his own money. Simon was placing gifts on the table from guest and you were waiting for his mother and father to enter. He'd be so happy to see them, he was bummed about not being able to go back home for his birthday to see his folks but he said he was happy to spend it with you.

You weren't like the thing he was setting for but you knew he would've been happy to see them. You had the idea to invite his parents but Jay bought the tickets for them to come and you set up their hotel reservations. Everything was coming along very well. You loved every part of the party, you had created a special playlist for Cha Cha's birthday all his favorite songs from when he was a kid and now. Wegun and Pumpkin were the DJ's of course. You called up Cha Cha earlier telling him to come home early and he said he would.

Then you had gotten a call from Jay that you pretended was from your job so you apologized to him and told him that you had to reschedule, this was all to get him out of the AOMG building for the set up and then Loco stepped in to help keep Chase out of AOMG long enough to get his parent here. Once they landed they had called you and you went and picked them up with Simon.

You were so excited to see them again and his mother had brought him a present as well. His parents were always so kind towards you, you understood why Chase was so accepting of you. It made you laugh. You guys headed back to AOMG and Jay called Chase to tell him and Loco to get back to AOMG, there was an emergency with one of their tracks. You guys turned off the lights and waited. After about twenty minutes, the door started to creek open


"Surprise!" you hear everyone yell followed by lots of laughing. You smile as you take in his appearance. He looks genuinely happy and surprised to see everyone you think to yourself. You could only hoped that he loves your special surprise just as much!

" I should have known" you hear Cha Cha say as he walks further into the room. He looks around the room taking in the decorations and the fact that he is surrounded by all his closest friends.

"Happy Birthday fam" Jay says as he embraces Chase in a bro hug. Cha Cha smiles as a thanks and you watch as other party guest approach him one by one , giving him their birthday wishes. After a while you see him grab a drink off the table and begin to look around the room
"Where is Y/N?" he hear Cha Cha ask Simon and Jay . Simon shrugs in response ,but the two of you make eye contact. Jay comes in the kitchen and smirks at you

"That's you que" he says and you look at him smiling nervously.

"Yeah I just hope he likes it" you say chewing on the inside of your lip. As if sensing your nervousness Jay pats your shoulder

"Anyone doesn't like seeing you pop out of a cake is nuts" he says as he helps up on the ladder and into the cake. I hope so you think as he closes the top of the cake. She'll be out in a minute,let's have cake now you hear Loco and then you are moving. You don't go very far before you go still again. You swallow shakily and slowly stand,getting ready to pop out...


You pop out the cake with a fold sign saying 'Happy Birthday'. When you pop out and yell 'Happy Birthday Cha Cha!' He turns around and had a surprise of his life. He see his girlfriend pop out of cake in a sexy bikini and holding a sign.
What are you doing, Y/N?

He asks, while trying to find something to cover you with. You were kind of disappointed by his reaction. You thought he was would be more happy with his surprise. You lower the sign and ask him what's wrong?

why are you showing off your body to my friends?

He throws a blanket over you and carrys you out of the cake. He sets you down next to him.
Calm down Chase, Jay says She was just giving you a surprise for your Birthday. Here have a drink and have some fun. Jay hands him a glass of champagne


He throws a blanket over you and carries you out of the cake. He sets you down next to him.
Calm down Chase, Jay says She was just giving you a surprise for your Birthday. Here have a drink and have some fun. Jay hands him a glass of champagne.
Chase took the champagne and sat it down. "What do you mean calm down??? How would you like it if your girl popped up out of a cake like a stripper and showed off her body in front of your friends??" he yelled. "Now just wait a minute!!! I wasn't being a stripper!!! I was just trying something different, trying to spice it up a bit. I thought you would enjoy it," you said, tears coming out of your eyes. You stood up and walked out of the room.
"Wow, man. That was a bit harsh. She was just trying to make sure you had a unforgettable birthday," says Jay. "Says the one who had sex in the club and outside on the car," Chase shot back. "Hey I'm sorry that my girl was taking care of me at those time," said Jay. "Look, y/n was trying to make up from last year. She still feels bad about all the things that went wrong on your birthday. You know she only wants to see you happy.

Y/N only wanted you to have a great and memorable birthday and you kinda embarrassed her in front of everyone when you acted how you acted. Instead of me lecturing you, go talk to her. I'll clear the party so you two can make up." Jay then stood up, pat Chase on the back and walked out.
Chase then got up and walked over to your room where you both shared. I have to admit, y/n did think outside the box. I was surprised. I wished she did it in private though. I hope no other guys had their eyes on her otherwise it's a wrap!! Chase knocked on the door to see if you would want to talk to him. He then sees you on the bed, fully dressed, but crying. Chase then walks over to you and squat down in front of you. You looked at him teary eyed and quickly turned your head. Chase then gently took your chin and gently turns your head to face him as he gently wiped a tear off your cheek.


For a moment it felt nice to feel his hand caress my cheek and wipe away my tear, but then I remembered what he just did and in an instant I pushed his hand away from my cheek; turning my whole body away from him and crossing my arms in front of my chest. How could he do this to me? I have never been so embarrassed in my life. All I wanted to do was this make this day special for him, but he made me look as if i turned into some cheap stripper working for cash.
“Y/N?! Please turn around and look at me.”
I sat there in silence, not looking and pretending as if he doesn’t exist for the moment.
“Y/N. I’m serious! Please turn and look at me. I’m sorry. I really am. I just… Look it was hard for me to see you in that bikini showing off what is supposed to only be seen by me to my family and friends. You know how protective I can get about you. And I just… I just lost it, okay? I really didn’t mean to hurt you or make you feel embarrassed. I just didn’t know how to handle it” he said as he was fidgeting in the chair next to me.
“To be honest Chase, that’s the worst thing you have ever done to me. I have never felt so embarrassed in my life. You could have handled that so much better than what you did. At first, I was very hesitant about the idea when Jay told me, but the more he gave me details the more I liked it. It was meant for YOU and ONLY YOU! No one else. You made everyone, including me, feel like I was a stripper and they were paying customers by the way you acted. It was just a bikini. It’s not like I came out full on naked. All I wanted to do was make up for last year’s disaster and now I feel as if this is an even bigger disaster than last year” I said with more tears streaming down my face.

I was just so upset and I knew today is supposed to be all about him but, I just can’t let this pass. He sat there with his hands together in his lap as he looked at me up and down with sadness and disappointment in his eyes. I’m not gonna lie I did understand where he was coming from, but they have seen me in a bikini before at the beach when we have all hung out together. They have seen some of my most embarrassing moments, so why.
“Y/N?” He said standing up and walking towards me. He was so tall and elegant. He stood only a couple of inches taller than me but it was good enough to be able to see the difference in height.
“I’m really sorry. I really am” he said as he put his hands on my shoulder so that I would face him and I couldn’t turn around to give him my back. His soft hands moved from my shoulder and down my arms so that our hands could meet. He held them lightly as if they were a feather. He looked me deep in my eyes.
“What can I do to make this better? What can I do to make sure that your plans for me still go off without a hitch? I hate it when you’re mad at me and right now it’s driving me insane on the inside that, I completely disregarded what you were trying to do for me and instead I ended up hurting the woman I love. What would make you happy?”
I thought about it for a moment. He was right. This was all for him but he completely thwarted our efforts in what we wanted to do for him. I had more planned but I think I may have to change that. I have a better idea and he may hate me for it later but a little payback never hurt anyone. Right?
“You wanna make me feel better?”
“Yes, Y/N I do!”
“And you’ll do anything that I ask, no matter what it is?”
“Yes, Y/N I will do anything. You’re the woman I love and whatever I can do to not make you mad at me anymore I will.”
“Okay, but remember you said that you would be willing do anything. NO turn backs” I said.
“I promise I won’t. So what is it that you want?”
I walked past him and turned around to motion with my finger “follow me” as I opened the door to go the room where I know they kept all of their clothes for their shows. I know they kept extra Costumes around here, just needed to find the right one.
“Ah here we are”
“Y/N what are we doing?”
“Well you said you would do anything, so here it is.”
“Y/N I’m not putting that on!”
“OH yes you are Mister. You promised and you said that you would do anything I asked.”
“Okay but Y/N, anything but this. PLEASE!! I’m begging you.”
“If you don’t do it then I won’t talk to you for a month and I will leave today staying mad at you.”
“That’s not fair.”
“Life’s not fair and a promise is a promise. That’s what you always tell me isn’t it? Now go put on the Costume!”
He turned around and let his head drop as he took the costume and went into the room to change.

Reis (@royalpandajedi)

He turned around and let his head drop as he took the costume and went into the room to change.

I secretly have been dying to get Chase to wear this particular costume. He swore to never wear it, but I kept it and hid it from him just in case I could get him to change his mine. I know I know, its his birthday, but he did say he would do anything. I'mma hold him to it. I ended up pressing my lips together to hide the smile that was creeping apond my lips.

"Oh my god.... i can't no! I love you but no!"

I rush to the bathroom to make sure to stop him from changing back. He was wearing short brow fur briefs with a brown cotton tail, a bear ear headband, bear slippers, and bear gloves. He just turn to look at me with a horrified expression. I ran to go get my phone, after gathering his clothes.


Chase came after me, as I quickly turn around to snap a photo of the chase bear, before he tower himself over me. "Damn it Y/N, you are hella lucky I love you." I couldn't help but giggle, before kissing his lips. He licked his lips, as I noticed his eyes had darken. "Now go out there to the party dress like this."

The horrified expression return as his eyes widen. "Yah! They'll think I'm the stripper." I cocked an eyebrow, as Chase realized why I made him wear the costume. He then smirked devilishly, as I felt his hand wrap around my wrist. He moved my hand to his ripped chocolate abs, making me feel flushed.

"Fine I'll be a stripper, but only for you and only in here."

Hope you all enjoy my part.... sorry it took so long I'm just now catching up to everything...

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