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Que tal peeps!

Those who are Kai stans may not see him as happy as usual. Sources leaked out that him and his former girlfriend of 1 year Krystal from f(x) has broken up. Reasons could be due to busy schedules.

Watch here

Breakup is difficult and I hope Kai will get thtough this. Kai stans still love you!

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especially if they're upset over it
it's not really LD as much as it is not having to see each other. Even with LD relationships they still spend time together over some form of communication. Again LD and not having time are two different things. either way I never agree with this reasoning cuz like I said, being busy is temporary. they probably spend a lot if time away from their families too, but they can't break up with their families. This just seemed more important because they actually LIKED each other. it wasn't like a baekyeon-Taeyeon thing. If you really love someone you never let them go,ever. so this just feels like a cultural excuse.
@LaurenStrayhorn If you don't agree with it oh well. It happened so we have to accept it.
His eyes shows the breakup sadness. Poor him. But I hate it when they say they break up because of their busy schedules. Are we kids ? What a stupid excuse .
I hope and wish they will together again. I like the couple. The last video I saw they just went shpping together . Well, if they are meant for each other , they will be together one day. They are still young !