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Que tal peeps!

Those who are Kai stans may not see him as happy as usual. Sources leaked out that him and his former girlfriend of 1 year Krystal from f(x) has broken up. Reasons could be due to busy schedules.

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Breakup is difficult and I hope Kai will get thtough this. Kai stans still love you!

just because they're busy doesn't mean they should break up. busy schedules are only temporary. it's not that big of a deal. they'll see each other again. hopefully this is just temporary and they're taking a break and realise that their reasoning was dumb..... or it was another sm scandal.. (doubt it)
If they are to busy to even see each other it's a good reason to take a break and focus on their own careers.
I'm not even going to lie, I forgot they were even supposed to be dating. Lol I didn't even know it had been official.
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@AmbieB Yeah I had no idea it was still on. I thought it was a
it's not really LD as much as it is not having to see each other. Even with LD relationships they still spend time together over some form of communication. Again LD and not having time are two different things. either way I never agree with this reasoning cuz like I said, being busy is temporary. they probably spend a lot if time away from their families too, but they can't break up with their families. This just seemed more important because they actually LIKED each other. it wasn't like a baekyeon-Taeyeon thing. If you really love someone you never let them go,ever. so this just feels like a cultural excuse.
I don't know what to say and think about this I am so sad about it I supported my boy kai through everything my poor baby he must be hurting and crying a lot right now my heart is broken this has got to be hard for his members to see him so sad
I was rooting for them!!!
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