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Seeing this honestly brought tears to my eyes. They have accomplished so much and made their dreams come true♡ Pushing each other everyday to fulfill their dreams. They have had some hardships but they got right back up and did their thing♡ Look at how far they have gotten. Winning the Top Social Artist Award at the BBMAs was amazing!!♡ Seeing how happy they were when they said Bts! I am beyond proud of our boys♡ I know they are going to go further and accomplish alot more♡ ARMYs are alsways going to be here cheering Bts on!!♡♡ Bangtan Fighting!♡♡♡
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I'm extremely proud of them I have no more words to describe how happy I am of them they work so hard I just want them to always be healthy stress free and they need a vacation they truly deserve it 😘😘