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TOP Tested Positive For Marijuana :/

Not a good day for TOP :(

The Seoul Drug Enforcement Office somehow discovered back in October that TOP had been smoking, so they ran a test on him.

It has just been released to the public (idk why so late???) but he tested postive for smoking it which is a huge violation in Korea.

There is no proof that he smokes reguarly, so he could get out of this the same way that G-Dragon did. Apparently it was consumed in the form of liquid marijuana through the use of a vape pen.

As fans, I don't think we should say "he didn't do it! he's innocent!' because TBH he's 30 years old and can do whatever he wants. Marijuana isn't that bad for you and its not illegal in many parts of the US now.

All I hope is that the drug laws in Korea become more lax because with the amount of pressure the society puts on everyone, you'd think Korea would be giving out weed for FREE just to get people to chill.

At this time TOP has been arrested and there will be an investigation. Worst case, he goes to prison, But with GD's case, it was completely dropped. Let's hope it goes the same way for TOP.

Please send positive thoughts his way!

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I'm only stating my opinion, if you get hurt, sorry :/ We all understand that it's illegal to smoke weed in South Korea, and just because they are westernised doesn't give anyone the excuse that they should follow us, the United States, in what's right for their country. I'm all for weed being legal, it helps so many people who need it, it reduces stress, it gives human beings the pathway to control their own bodies, their minds, their conditions. My mother uses weed for her mental illness and to be honest, I'm glad she does. She was horrible when I was younger because of the laws about weed. She would scream at literally nothing and then go out and buy six hundred dollars worth of food, just so she could scream about it again. Now that she's smoking it she's calmed down. She's less moody, less panicked. Again, I do love the fact that weed is legal HERE, I really do, but we shouldn't determine another countries law because we did. It'd be nice if the whole world had the same things legalised, but it's still wrong. We can't change people's minds. If they want it, they want it. (A little side note I'd like everyone to remember, Asia had the biggest opium market that was legal for a short while. Everyone. Smoked. Opium. The reason being was because of the medical uses it had. Back then, opium was weed. It was literally mixed with tobacco for smoking purposes. It was only made illegal because people were dying from all the pointless wars, that and it had strong after effects that cause some people to kill themselves or others.) Personally I find this topic disgusting. To be put off into prison because of a plant is barbarric to me. And I saw a comment on here about being famous or something, please keep in mind that they are not only famous to their country, but to ALL countries. Think of it this way, you are now internet famous for whatever reason, everything is going good. Then BAM you said one thing wrong and everyone and everything is coming after you because of that one thing. You'd be stressed, and in a serious worse case scenario, you'd want to die by suicide. But if someone told you that you are over thinking it and to chill, would you? If they handed you a blunt, a gummy, hell even a drink with liquid marijuana, would you take it? Now I'm not saying that TOP is suicidal, nor am I saying that that little scenario is anyway the same as what he's going through, what I am saying, is that top is an idol to international levels and is a damn human being. He deserves respect as much as us. I respect where everyone is coming from, and I don't mean to sound rude in this comment, it's just ridiculous that this whole situation is blowing up like this, and the kind of feedback I'm seeing. I saw a comment the other day on this YouTube channel that talks about kpop news, and this comment was just nasty. It's deleted or removed now, but this person just belittled top because he smoked. They practically called him the worst person in the music Industry because they smoked pot. Like seriously? I honestly have so many things to say on this, but I don't want to. I'll get to angry and annoyed. So again, I'm sorry this comment was long, and I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm rude and bashing on people, I just want people to understand both sides of an argument or situation.
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wait if this is an old case why are they trying to arrest him now....especially now that he is in the military. ....and what going to happen to him now?
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That's what I'm wondering as well!!!
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I just wonder in the entertaiment Industry , its difficult to stop such an illegal activity. Its just unfortunate for the idol if you are caught. But for Top to be caught for that its just not expected . Everybody knew he is nice, religous person , have a very loving family and well respected so on..... I was expecting Seungri to be caught for all the scandal that he were involved. I just don't believe it untill now. Don't these idols know that they have invisible enemies to topple them anytime. Don't they know about the word "BEWARE or BECAREFUL" even with trainees. Anyway I wish good luck to Top . I am still his fan !
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I like to point out @ Nicahsaysnihao comment , sometimes in the industry
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When you reached to the top , you will have a lot of enemies . Its because when you are rich with lots of money you think you are invisible. That is when the trouble comes. You forgot that you have invisible enemies .
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