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When I get a cold or a sore throat, I try to drink super hot liquid to burn it out of my system.

It might just be all in my head, but I swear it works!

Now, if you want to get rid of your cold TWICE as fast, Korea has found the answer.

It's called: 순두부찌개.

Aka soft tofu stew, this literal hot pot is made up of tofu, onions, sometimes mushrooms, a little kimchi, and often shrimp or clams. This is boiled and served still SUPER HOT and you will definitely burn your tongue if you eat it right away.

Something about the temperature and the spiciness of this dish blasts away your cold. I was super sick two days ago but I had this for lunch yesterday and now I'm 90% better!

Highly suggest you try this dish next time you're not feeling too great :)

I actually have 콩나물찌개 fyi bean sprout soup
OMO!!! I'll definitely need to try this!!! Thanks for the tip!!!!
I think it is the red pepper flakes, the fermented soybean paste and kimchi.
I think it's the onions, but the spiciness does help clear out the nasal passages. As for the sore throat...
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