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So I've been finishing stories and I've been pre-writing other stories I apologize for the late update.
Who: Reader x Huang Zitao x Lee Seunghyun x Kim Minjun
What: Smut, Journey, Love
Story: Welcome to The Panda Zoo a club meant to bring fantasies to life and forget about the troubles of life. A step brother, ex boyfriend and your friend with benefits have two things in common the first is you but the second goes much deeper...

Even if I spent the whole day with you, I will miss you the second you leave.

Seunghyun's POV

The way she ran off all of a sudden wasn't really like her but whatever she was late for must've been important. Seunghyun paid for their lunch and headed back to Panda Zoo to get some work done. He walked in to see Tao siting in the front row by their stage with something small in his lap.

"Yo!" Seunghyun called to him.

Tao looked up at him for a moment and looked down at his lap. Seunghyun saw a small child and Tao stood up carrying him in his arms. Seunghyun looked at the child for a moment and then looked at Tao.

"What are you baby sitting now?" he said sarcastically.

"He's my son." Tao said.

Seunghyun nodded, he could see that. The boy looked just like him. Seunghyun walked over to the child and raised his hand to him and the boy grabbed his finger while laughing. Seunghyun smiled. There was a moment in his life he thought he might be capable of creating a family, a few times he'd given up until he'd fallen for Y/n. Maybe he could've seen a future with her, if he could just get up his strength to tell her how he felt. He hated that he agreed to let them all sleep with her, he only wanted her to belong to him, it was like a sting in his chest each night she was sent to them rather than him. He wanted things to be perfect but he also had to make sure everything was perfect for the club. Between managing gigs for shows and the bills, he was chasing after Y/n and she only came when she wanted. She had to want him as much as he wanted her, his feelings couldn't be completely one sided.

"What's his name?" Seunghyun asked.

"Geon- Wu. His mother named him." Tao said.

"So why do you have him in here, not that I have anything against your son, even if we're closed, this is hardly a place for children. What, with all the alcohol." He said that just as he started heading for the bar to pour himself a shot.

Tao followed him and held Geon-Wu to his chest. He sat down on one of the bar stools,

"I was thinking about telling Y/n about him." he said.

Seunghyun looked up at him oddly,

"What you mean, Y/n doesn't know about her nephew?" he asked.

"No, no one knows about him but his mother is starting to concern me. I called protective services on her and they left him in my care but they said he hasn't been eating well for a child his size. It's like she's neglecting him." Tao explained.

"What does that have to do with Y/n knowing about him?"

"Well I figured since she's not really working anymore, when I come here that she could watch him for me."

"Y/n comes here at night when you work too Tao." Seunghyun said.

Tao nodded sadly, he looked like he was trying to figure something out. Tao looked at Geon-Wu, who was bouncing in place. Seunghyun sighed,

"Look I'm sure if you tell her about him she'll take care of him, he's family to her after all. Although, you two sleeping together-"

"I don't think I'll do that again. I like Y/n but we're step siblings and it's probably not right to do that. Besides if I keep doing that while he's growing up it'll just be weird. I can still show her Domain's and work as a host, she'll teach me how to be better at it but sex- it's not right."

"This coming from the guy that thought it would be fun."

"It was a stress reliever honestly. When I was with her, she kind of made me feel special. She eased alot of the stress going on in my life at the moment and in that wonderful moment I forgot about the things that made me worried. For that moment it was good, that's what my Domain is about, finding a moment that'll last but she was right."

"About what?" Seunghyun said.

"Sometimes what's most precious about moments is that they don't stay, you tend to cherish them more."

Seunghyun looked at him not understanding,

"You cherish a brief moment?" he asked.

"Yeah because it was a brief moment where nothing else mattered but me and her and that was... Freeing. I can't escape my responsiblities though, that's why I can look back at that moment and be statisfied that it was only once. That one time was worth it, I was free but now I have to focus on what's important and that's taking care of him and you I both know Y/n would say the same thing."

"Yeah she tends to say smart shit like that." He smiled.

Y/n was a smart person but a lot of her life was ruled by the will of her parents, more so her father than anything. Her mother was a bit more supportive of her life choices, if she was happy she didn't complain much. What Tao said made him happy though, he didn't want to sleep with her again. It was Minjun he was sure wouldn't give up so easily, some part of him wanted to get her back and Seunghyun knew that. He was more afriad that she might go back to him before she found out about how he felt. He couldn't lose her to Minjun, she said she didn't love him, not the way he loved her. He wondered if that could change and if it could he couldn't let it happen.

"You know the reason we started this club was to get away from our real lives. Each of us are dealing with something on our own. In a way, I think we're all broken and some how this place helps us ignore our brokeness. I don't think we ever thought of a way to heal it though." Tao said.

"Try using glue." Seunghyun smirked before taking another shot.

Tao shook his head and pulled Geon-Wu off the bar. Seunghyun left Tao to his own vices while he went up to his Domain. The place he was dying to show her, he had to show her. He hoped that she had gotten him so that he wouldn't have to wait until late tonight...

Night fell and the club opened up, Y/n was late and they couldn't wait to open for her. People flooded in and Seunghyun waited by the bar checking his phone about every thirty seconds. Finally, she came rushing in. She said hi to all of them, panting slightly and apologizing.

"What's wrong?" Minjun asked reaching out to her.

Seunghyun held back the urge to slap his hand away. The sympathetic and worried look on his face made Seunghyun believe that Minjun was falling in love with her more. If she got him tonight he might deepen his love for her. One half wanted her to shoot him down but then he thought about the karma he might receive for wishing that. He wanted her to look at him but she looked up at Minjun and held up her hand like she was fine.

"I just forgot what time it was I ran as fast as I could from my car to here. It took the wind out of me." she chuckled.

"But you're fine?" Tao asked.

She looked to Tao and gave him a light smile,

"Yeah, how are you?" she asked in a way that made it seem like Tao had just lost someone dear to him.

Tao gave her a smile and said,


She nodded and looked to Seunghyun,

"Hi Ri."

Seunghyun smiled big, hearing one of her many nicknames for him. He held out his hand for the card and she placed it in his hand. He waved the black light over it and he smiled.

"Finally." he said.

She chuckled,

"I'm assuming it's your domain." she said.

He nodded and took her hand without hesitation. She laughed as she waved goodbye to the others and he led her upstairs to the Domain rooms.

"Ri slow down my legs aren't as long as yours. I can't keep up." she laughed.

He looked back at her seeing her in a deep blue dress, she looked beautiful with her half up do. It would be a shame to ruin her hair. She knew how urgent he was in bed, how demanding and how kinky he could get but this wasn't about kinks and sex. This was about so much more. He reached the door to his Domain and looked at her,

"I've been waiting to show you this, are you ready?" he asked.

She giggled and nodded,

"Yes Panda."

He nodded and opened the door and walked her in. The face she made was priceless. Her mouth opened in awe and she looked around at the room. On the wall was a cherry blossom tree and the entire room was like a still moment in spring, cherry blossom petals were floating on the wall and there was grass painted on the bottom. It looked like it was done on a hill and that they could over look the hill and see the city below. It was Seoul rather than Tokyo. She was never a big fan of pink but she loved the look of cherry blossoms. She smiled at it and turned to Seunghyun and gave him a hug, she started laughing and there were a few tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Is this what you wanted to show me?" she laughed.

"Yeah, the cherry blossom room. Your favorite but wait." he said

He closed the door and flicked the lights off and in glow in the dark paint Pandas appeared under the now glowing cherry blossom trees and the city in the back was forgotten.

"Panda Zoo." she whispered.

She laughed and looked back at him,

"Why did you do all of this?" she asked.

"Because- I'm in love with you." he said.

She looked up at him and her smile faltered a little, that was not the look he was hoping to get. Admittedly, it wasn't the most romantic way to pronounce his love but he was never good at that to begin with. She walked up closer to him and wrapped her arms around his body. He was preparing to hear the worst but he could hear her sniffing a little against his body. His hand began to pet her head and he waited to hear what she was going to say next. What she might do next. She looked up at him, she was so skinny now.

"Seungri." she said trying to hold back more tears so that she could speak.

He cupped her cheek and just kissed her, maybe it was best not to let her finish. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back and he lifted her up and carried her to the table he had in there. He sat her on top of it and started to pull the straps to her dress down. He wanted this moment, like Tao was telling him, he wanted to cherish this moment. The moment he had to say goodnight to her and she left him he'd want to pull her back into his arms just to make sure the moment never ended. He didn't want the day to end without her in his arms.

She sat up and pushed him away for a second to get a breath, she was panting while she was unbuttoning his shirt. He cupped her cheek again and kissed her hard and deep while she unbuttoned his shirt. He only came up for a second to take off his tie and tie her hands behind her back. He pulled her off the table and bent her over it. He pulled down his pants and pushed down her dress completely. He moved quick, not even bothering to take off her panties but instead he pushed them to the side. He pushed into her and she screamed out into the room; he could feel her walls grab onto him tight as she adjusted to his length inside of her. He held her shoulders and started to fuck her.

He couldn't put his finger on it, maybe it was because he had just confessed his feelings, but he felt different with her now. The way he fucked her was the same, aggressive. He heard her pants and the sound of slapping skin turned her on more. He was being rough, gripping her arms while he pounded into her body relentlessly while the blood rushed more to his groin. He could only groan out his pleasure despite wanting to say her name.

This was different, she was into it more. She was squeezing him tighter than before. She felt so good and he felt even better. There was no wires in his brain telling him that this was just a good fuck. Simple friends with benefits. He felt everything when he was with her. He loved her that much. He felt alive when he was with her, more alive than he's felt in a while. Jiyong's death had crushed him and like an angel, she came back and gave him his life back, she gave him strength back. She still visited Jiyong's grave too. She said she was taking care of him and she was. She was taking care of him in more than a physical way.

He leaned down to her ear while their bodies writhed against each other now sticky and wet. Her moans were becoming like purrs, her small ass felt good against his body. He slowed down his hips and lifted her a bit so he could kiss her.

"Be a good girl for me Y/n." he told her.

"Yes sir." she nodded her head.

He loved the desperation in her voice, she closed on him more when he whispered in her ear. He pushed two fingers into her mouth and she sucked on them, humming as she did. He felt closer, so much pressure building up to his heat but he didn't want to come like this. She hadn't bothered him about a condom but damn he wanted to cum inside of her. He pulled out and flipped her around on the table so she was on her back. He opened her legs wide and pushed inside her again. His hands found her breast to squeeze and tease through the thin fabric of her bra. He leaned down to kiss her, making his hips slow but that was making her whine.

She wanted him to go faster, to fuck her little hole until she couldn't see straight. Until her orgasam came so quick and so hard she was screaming his name. He wanted the same, he always wanted the same but this time was different. He wanted her arms around him when she did it. He pulled the tie loose and freed her arms and she quickly wrapped them around his neck without him having to ask. He moved faster, groaning in her face and against her lips. She tried to keep her eyes open to look at him but pleasure took over and made it hard for her to keep them open. She had them squeezed shut, the closer she got. Her eyes opened and she made a sound that he knew all to well. One of her hands slipped to his chest and she warned him.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming." she said in quick furious pants.

He nodded, he was coming too. He kept going and one last snap sent her over the edge. She wrapped her arms around his neck tighter, moaning out loud. His name sounded like a song coming from her. It was amazing the way she called him and the way she squeezed him so much harder like she was trying to tame her orgasam but there was no taming it. He kept going searching for a release calling her a good little girl and warning her about him coming inside of her. She didn't let go of him and soon he found himself spraying his hot ribbons inside of her, filling her up while he let deep groans linger from his lips. Her hand ran through his hair, she was still catching her breath but her breathing had slowed down. He kissed her neck lightly and moved to look at her. She cupped his face in both her hands and looked him in the eyes.

"I love you too." she whispered.

He let out a breath mixed with relief and shock. He kissed her again soft but deep and pulled her close. He could feel another tear roll from her cheek to her thumb. Was she crying because she was happy? He was so happy.

More tears fell....

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