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I'm Going to M Countdown and I Want You To Come With Me!


I just found out I have TICKETS to see M Countdown next week on June 8th.

I don't know the full lineup yet, but the line up for this week includes VIXX, Twice, MAP6, DIA, Seventeen, Sistar, Astro, ACE, KNK, and 24K! (basically, my DEATH)

I am not allowed to film inside the show, but I thought it would be fun if I could bring in a card with your names and take a proof shot so that a little part of you all were there with me!

If you'd like me to put your name (your vingle name or your real name) on a post it and bring it to the recording with me and take photos leave your name below!!! I usually hate going to shows alone so this will be a way of me bringing friends along :D

I will be screaming for each and every one of you - plus, I plan to make a video explaining how to get tickets because if you're a foreigner just visiting Korea its REALLY hard to figure out how to go (even harder to try to just go with a fan club, seriously its such a headache)

So I will make a detailed video on how to get tickets so when you visit you can see some Kpop up close and personal!

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aww so kind of you. can you put my name. its Jennifer Espinoza. thank you very much
3 months ago·Reply
Meee my names Jasmyn but awkwardjazzy is fine!!!
3 months ago·Reply
adding you all to the list!! i'll be going on thursday so if you still want me to write your name feel free to add^^
3 months ago·Reply
if you are running out of space on the sign, you can just use Matt instead of my username :) You must be getting pretty excited for this, its only a couple days away ^-^
3 months ago
Awwww!!! I would love to go... can you put my name it's kassie. Thank you!. Have fun!!
3 months ago·Reply
okay! i've got all your names down :) they just announced the line up and here's who we're going to see: day6, map6, vixx, seventeen, highlight, cosmic girls, cheongha, KNK, 24K, hyoyeon, astro, ft island, daehyun (from bao) ace :D
2 months ago·Reply