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I just found out I have TICKETS to see M Countdown next week on June 8th.

I don't know the full lineup yet, but the line up for this week includes VIXX, Twice, MAP6, DIA, Seventeen, Sistar, Astro, ACE, KNK, and 24K! (basically, my DEATH)

I am not allowed to film inside the show, but I thought it would be fun if I could bring in a card with your names and take a proof shot so that a little part of you all were there with me!

If you'd like me to put your name (your vingle name or your real name) on a post it and bring it to the recording with me and take photos leave your name below!!! I usually hate going to shows alone so this will be a way of me bringing friends along :D

I will be screaming for each and every one of you - plus, I plan to make a video explaining how to get tickets because if you're a foreigner just visiting Korea its REALLY hard to figure out how to go (even harder to try to just go with a fan club, seriously its such a headache)

So I will make a detailed video on how to get tickets so when you visit you can see some Kpop up close and personal!

adding you all to the list!! i'll be going on thursday so if you still want me to write your name feel free to add^^
if you are running out of space on the sign, you can just use Matt instead of my username :) You must be getting pretty excited for this, its only a couple days away ^-^
okay! i've got all your names down :) they just announced the line up and here's who we're going to see: day6, map6, vixx, seventeen, highlight, cosmic girls, cheongha, KNK, 24K, hyoyeon, astro, ft island, daehyun (from bao) ace :D
Awwww!!! I would love to go... can you put my name it's kassie. Thank you!. Have fun!!
Thank you for thinking of us, I appreciate the gesture. I am very interested in the video reguarding how to get tickets. However, if Highlight/Beast should happen to be included in the lineup - please include my name (Roberta Morrow) on this card. Again thank you for your heart to do this.
put my username please!!!!! I got to be apart of it in some shape or form
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