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But of course, his bff Minnie was there to make sure he was okay.

He fell super hard during Blood Sweat and Tears btu was able to bounce right back into the choreo.

The fall must have been pretty epic up close and you can see Jimin watching him the whole rest of the performance.

He also got an opportunity to ask V if he was okay while they were still performing.

Bless this sweet friendship <3

AWWWWW! If I fell, my friends would just laugh. BFF goals right there!
if I fell my friends would 1)ask if the floor is okay 2)laugh at me 3)or not even notice
Gosh!! That's adorable. It must have been a really hard fall if Jimin was worried for the rest of the concert. My friends do ask if I'm okay when I fall, but they never stick around after I fall... I need Jimin as a friend... Scratch that, I need BTS to be my friends.