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Hey you guys I have an update on T.O.P's marijuana case.
So we all know that T.O.P has been serving in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency band unit for his mandatory military service since February and he allegedly vaped marijuana at his home in Seoul on at least three different occasions with this unknown trainee in her 20's. But what you may not know is that he could spend five years of jail time or a fine of up to 50 million won ($44,560) according to
According to Allkpop back in April another BigBang member was also tested for marijuana usage plus other drugs and the results came back negative. Unfortunately this puts YG Entertainment in an even worse light and makes people wonder what's going on there.
As for what will happen to T.O.P's military service it has been said by his bandmaster :
Ha Man Jin said, “Currently, T.O.P has returned to his station [after being off-base], and is on standby. The deadline to return was originally 6 p.m., so he doesn’t currently have any assignments. Whether or not T.O.P will be transferred to another department has yet to be decided.”The bandmaster further stated that T.O.P will likely be assigned a guard and he will be restricted from leaving base and doing other activities. “Until a court verdict has been made, T.O.P will be carrying out his duties with the band,” said Ha Man Jin.

If you haven't seen YGE's statement on the matter here it is below:
“First and foremost, we would like to apologize. After confirmation, we have learned that Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P’s real name) did in fact admit to the charge of smoking marijuana before his military enlistment, following through with all investigative measures by attending the police’s investigation in the midst of his public service duties and deeply reflecting on his actions afterward.  Once again, we apologize for worrying so many people.”
I would just like to say that in his defense he was stressed about having to enlist and marijuana is known to calm the mind. I also acknowledge that it is illegal in South Korea and as a public figure T.O.P must abide by the law and accept whatever punishment he gets.
On a side note the female trainee that T.O.P was supposedly smoking marijuana with has been revealed as Han Seo Hee. She was so supposed to debut in a girl group but nothing ever came of it and it is also said that aftwr signing with a company her contract was terminated within one month with undisclosed reasons.
P.S. ~I'm not hating on the girl and I hope a majority of the VIP's also refrain from hating on. People make mistakes and we don't know what other roles she has to play in this case. The bottom line is T.O.P shouldn't have done this.

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i still say we need to support him no matter what and not try to get upset at the trainee but idk about the other fandom
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I mean stay....😜