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Sure, the big names in the anime world do mostly appear to be male, such as Naruto, One Piece's Luffy, and Bleach's Ichigo, but there are still an impressive amount of pretty ass-kicking female characters. And, of course, there are the heroines of romance shoujo novels. Which female idols are similar to these female anime characters? Maybe you have some general ideas of your own, but check out the list below to see what we came up with and see if you agree! #1. Suzy as Kagome/Kikyo (Inuyasha) As Kagome is pretty much the reincarnation of Kikyo and they look strikingly alike, Suzy would probably be similar to both. As a matter of fact, the two characters could be considered two halves of a whole. After all, Kagome is sweet, cute, responsible, and caring. Kikyo is the more stoic, charismatic, and serious one. Both of them together would be Suzy who shows off her aegyo for CFs but transforms into a charismatic performer on stage. 2. Crayon Pop as Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon) Crayon Pop already has the pose down. Just assign each one a color and they would be able to delight young girls as much as Sailor Moon has for many, many years. 3. Bora as Yoruichi (Bleach) Bora looks good in purple--her name even means purple. Yoruichi has purple hair and looks good in that, as well, so already the two of them have this connection. Not only that, they are both amazingly athletic and super cool. Both are relatively serious a lot of the times, but have plenty goofy moments, too.