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So I know we are all well aware of Kim Woo Bin's throat cancer, nasopharynx cancer. This is an extremely rare throat cancer that seems to be a common (although rare) occurance in young Asian and Northern African men. This form of cancer has no clear origin but seems to be linked with EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus). If you would like to know more about the disease amd causes you can go here or here. Both sites have the same info but I think one site has a little bit more info.
But the update I wanted to give is that on the show Entertainment Weekly a well reknowned doctor from the National Cancer Center told the viewers a little about Kim Woo Bin's possible recovery rate and the usual procedures that would be taken to cure him.
“Due to the uncommon location of the cancer, the standard procedure is to treat him with a mix of radiation treatment and medication without surgery. When caught in the primary or secondary stage you can expect 70% chance of full recovery and in the 3rd or 4th stage the chance of recovery increases depending on how healthy the patient is.” — Dr. Jung Yoo Seok
Disclaimer: I am under no impression that Kim Woo Bin is receiving special care from this doctor.
But I also want to let you guys know that one of his dear friends and another actor favorite of mines, Kang Ha Neul is also sending out his prayers with us:
Please continue to send this loveable man your love and support during this time in his life as well as his girlfriend Shin Min Ah, who has been a mental and emotional support for him in this trying time.
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our love and prayers are with him,I know he will recover fully and soon.