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I've watched Adult Swim for yearsssssssss.
AND the ONE time I didn't watch it, I miss BTS being on there!!!!
Of course this happens (✖﹏✖)
But at least BTS is getting recognized by others!
@EricaEnnis @VIPFreak2NE1 That is a concern, but when you think about it, they were already getting big and well known fast before BBMAs and stuff. They've always been busy doing what they do for their fans. This is a new chapter for them, but do you think much will come out for them in America? It's the kpop world. Not American world. I mean, they can get more fans from what's been going on, but I don't think a lot more will happen. Maybe they'll be able to be invited to another award show and dance or something.
holy sheet they're getting so famous❤❤❤ and I'm glad they're getting recognized but I'm kind of worried if America will affect them in a way that I don't really like but anyway, I will always support them no matter what. I just don't really have the best thoughts when it comes to America.
omggg I'm so proud of themmm. am I the only one that wasn't ready for them to get so big so fast though?? I feel like they're being exposed to too much all at once. don't they need time to adjust to mainstream western music culture? I just hope they don't end up being overwhelmed...