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One year into Kpop...

... and these songs just pulled me in further!

2013 was pretty much the year that my music taste changed sooo much! I'm not complaining tho... I went from a Belieber and a girl who loved a certain british boy band...
*cough* One Direction *cough*
To a girl who was head over heals in love with not only Kpop... but the whole Korean Culture.

These songs were my holy grail of kpop...

I jammed out to them... windows down, going down rural dirt roads here in Kansas... and I didn't care what those cows heard when I passed by...

No... Literally... I pretty much passed by cows everyday on my way home...
Songs from early 2013 to late 2014...

1. AlphaBat- Tantara

2. Boys Republic- Video Game, LIU, Party Rock

lowkey Boys Republic trash back in the day

3. Got7 - I Like You

Legit the only Got7 song I liked when I first heard of them... *Shaila = 바보*

4. BTS - N.O., Boy in Luv and Just One Day

*proud eonni moment...* I remember when this song came out... *starts tearing up...*
*story teller voice* ...And this is where Shaila fell in love with Tae...

5. Teen Top - Miss Right

I remember when this came out too... omo...

6. EXO - Wolf and Growl

First Kpop group that I learned all of there names within 24 hours... *OT12... always!*

7. LU:KUS - So Into U

**BONUS ~ First Kpop song I ever bought on ITunes...

When you got into kpop... What was your favorite song or songs?

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Block B now its Exo 😂😂😂
4 months ago·Reply
tbh I went from punk, screamo and indie to kpop so idfk what happened 😂
4 months ago·Reply
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for me it was maximum the hormone, the gazette, one ok rock, then the sudden call of kpop dragged me in ("Shinee's Back")
4 months ago
i went from jpop and jrock but it all changed when i had this anime radio app and had the station that played kpop and got where i am today
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