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So you guys know those commercials Adult Swim have that aren't actually commercials but they play during break ?? They straight up asked who BTS were !! Crazy Right ?!

You can check out the full video below !

WHOA im still in shock !! Anyone get to see the actual commercial ?!


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yasssssss I heard about this! That is so cool lol 😄🙌👏
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Haha same 😂😂😂
8 months ago
I actually saw it but I thought I was imaging things ;-;
8 months ago·Reply
Haha hey!! You weren't after all! 😂 Btw what show was on during that time ? 😆
8 months ago
I can't believe it I'm so happy
8 months ago·Reply
my soul is shooked
8 months ago·Reply
I haven't I watch off hulu...so I don't actually get to see those commercials
8 months ago·Reply
Im actually always on Hulu too!! So i feel ya 😥
8 months ago