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Ellloo mates! Its been awhile. Look, I was just thinking to myself how things are not the same anymore with my love for kpop. I never thought I'll say that smh. But yeah like I told y'all before, ever since I started working I just been really tired and lazy. Even on my off days, I barely want to keep up. This is what I thought:

I still love kpop but the flame is gone.

Does that even make sense??

Yoongi's expression is me lol

But anyway I say that because well let me put it this way, when I was unemployed last year, I never really had anything to do with my life. I kept up with everything!!! I was watching a lot of kdramas, I read damn near all the kpop tweets from my followers on twitter, I watched music shows, I voted like crazy for the MAMAs and other award shows, I read a lot of fanfics, created my own fanfics, make lots of cards on Vingle, etc etc!! But now I just try my best to catch up and stay updated on everything.

Well its life! You have to grow up right? I just wish I can get my old flame back for kpop. Does anyone feel the same way??

And all these new groups coming out; of course I can't keep up lol.

But my love for kpop is still there its just a little different this time because most of my time isn't just on kpop but now mostly on work. Thats the work like for you.

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I have moments where my interest dies down but then it gets resparked. I'd like to keep up with new groups but the more the old groups disband or separate because of their military service the more I feel like its fading so I understand but I still have a few groups that I love and keep that flame alive
jimin sure is everyone's bias wrecker 😣😣😣
I totally get you work life sucks I don't have enough time anymore I use to be up to date on everything that was when I was finishing high school and part of summer but then I started working and it all went downhill it's hard to keep up especially with all the new groups but I do try my best to stay up to date with the groups that I can't live without lol the flame is still there but it's not as strong or hot anymore. I need Natsu ASAP hahaha he needs to help me keep the flame 🔥 alive lol 😂 I wish I didn't have to work so much like you said even on my days of I just can't keep up but I try my best it's so hard if your a Kpoper and an Otaku 😑