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Is Jon Snow Really Dead?_Game Of Thrones Season 5 Finale
Sometimes you can see cliffhangers coming a mile away and they still give you all the feels. Even fans of George R. R. Martin’s written word can’t help you now. Jon Snow was stabbed on Game of Thrones. The Night’s Watch trapped him and repeatedly stabbed him. Is he dead, like irreversibly? This is the end of his story in the published A Song Of Ice And Fire novels as well. We are literally all on the same page now when it comes to Jon Snowwhen Jon’s creepy squire Olly showed up bringing “news” of Benjen, a tiny part of me hoped that the vengeful kid was telling the truth. Alas, it was a trap that lead Jon Snow to a sign marked “traitor” (how mature) and a group of crows who took turns stabbing him while saying “for the Watch.” I know Game of Thrones takes a lot of inspiration from the War of the Roses and medieval Europe, but this season’s events have really had a Greek and Roman influence that cannot be denied. Speaking of dark magic, if Jon is dead I absolutely do not think he’s going to stay that way. There are too many theories about him that require him to be breathing. His story’s not over yet. To borrow from The Princess Bride, I think he’s only mostly dead. While we didn’t see Lady Stoneheart in the season finale, I don’t think the fact that this scene lead directly from the big “Franken-Mountain” reveal is a coincidence. Cersei’s bizarre pal in King’s Landing isn’t the only one with the power to raise the dead.
Automatic car wash. Advantages and disadvantages
How to wash the car and not get problems with frozen rubber bands of seals and frozen locks after this procedure? The list for selection of car wash is rather big, but which washing is the most effective and, what is more important, causing less damage to car paint? A contact washing, which cleans the car of dirt with the help of rapidly rotating brushes, will be the most destructive for paintwork. How serious will the damage be, and what happens after you constantly visit these types of washing? Read on. There are many ways to flush dirt from a car body: · Manual washing - the process is carried out independently by the owner or employee of the washing. · Contactless washing is perhaps the most common and least harmful option for cleaning paint from road dirt. With the help of a powerful jet of water, the upper part of the dirty coating is knocked down, and then the non-contacting active foam reacts with complex contaminants of the body. In the third stage, the dirt is finally washed off the body. · Contact brushing - washing the car with rotating brushes with soft bristles. Used to clean stubborn dirt. Brushes clean the body treated with water and active foam. There are also other types and subspecies of car wash, such as “dry” body washing, conveyor type wash, and even self-serve washes (they have become widespread in the past few years due to the low cost of maintenance). Automatic car wash Advantages: 1. Automatic washing is a high-tech washing that allows you to preserve the car paint in the best way, and ensures high quality drying. The latter is achieved due to a tracking change in the direction of airflows, as well as through the use of special detergents - water-repellent wax and hot protective wax. The thin invisible film of a special polymer applied to the paintwork counteracts the formation of microcracks, and also has a water and dirt-repellent effect, allowing you to keep the car clean for a longer time. Hot wax, penetrating into the microscopic irregularities of the coating, not only preserves them from the effects of aggressive environments, but also significantly improves the look of the car, giving it a glossy shine. 2. Time. The car wash cycle is carried out in a short period of time. Even if we choose an advanced washing program, the process will usually take several minutes. This is a good choice, especially for constantly busy people. Even when the queue for a car wash is long, you quickly move in it. You can choose this type of washing to save time when you are travelling abroad. For example, when you are using the services of exotic car rental SCE airport. 3. Price. The price of automatic washing is preferred over manual cleaning, although it depends on the selected washing program. 4. The accessibility of such services. Due to the demand of drivers, there are many of these washes. They are often located in busy shopping places. Thus, we can go to boutiques and cheaply wash a dusty car. Choosing this type of car wash, you do not need to plan a visit to the wash in advance. 5. Convenience. Without leaving the car, we pass through a special washing tunnel, washing is quick, saves time and it does not need our participation. There are several programs to choose from, they are easily intuitive, even an amateur will adapt very quickly (which mode to choose and how they differ). Disadvantages: 1. Risks (easy to scratch the varnish coating). According to some automotive experts, a contact wash can be fatal for the varnish that covers your car from the very first visit. Scratches during such a washing will not be avoided. Why? Is it all about brushes? There is an unexpected answer to this question. It turns out that the problem is mainly not in the bristles of the brush. Even if they are made of a sufficiently hard synthetic material, they cannot scratch the car due to the peculiarities of their design (their ends are specially rounded to prevent damage to the paintwork) and sufficient flexibility of the material. The thing is in the sand and small stones, which are left on the brushes after the previous car, which was cleaned. 2. Efficiency. Brushes are not able to reach remote places and remove dirt particles. 3. The inability to change the program cycle. Choosing the program, we cannot change it. It is impossible to add, for example, some more active foam. The operation must be repeated again. 4. Weak wax effect. According to experts, in order to achieve a more sustainable effect, it is necessary to apply wax at stations where specialists have relevant knowledge in this field. Although a wax program on an automatic car wash is recommended, it should be remembered that the service life of such a wax is limited (1-2 weeks). 5. Drippings, water stains. The final stage of drying is inefficient, especially when using old equipment. 6. In winter, the boundary range is limited to a temperature of -10 degrees C. In the early nineties, such washes were a real hit for drivers. Unfortunately, the automatic washer has not only advantages, but disadvantages as well. Such washes have a rather poor reputation- the brushes there wear out over time and are not always replaced in a timely manner. That is why it is better to alternate several types of car wash stations, if you are fond of frequent washing your car.