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Yes it's finally out! What is out? The preview for episode 15! Although as excited as I am to see the next episode, it's still sad knowing that this week will be the last week for Secret! It was a really good drama from the very beginning. The first video is from YouTube and doesn't have the Eng. subs yet. The second video is from Viki and does have Eng. subs. As for the YouTube video read the translation before watching the video. Translation: MH: Yoo Jeong, trust me and go. DH: I won't be going alone. I'll be going with you, together. (The Prosecutor which name I don't know): If this is true, It's a totally hot news item. YJ: Then, all I have to do is reveal the truth, just what kind of human being you are. Step mom of MH: Are you going to live your whole life regretting because of a worthless women like that? MH: Because of a worthless Ahjumma like you, Father also abandon my mother. (The Prosecutor which name I don't know): I'll have to take your case. DH: Would you record or something? That I'm the one who killed. MH: YJ, let's have fun together. Hope you guys enjoy the trailer! Peace! :) I didn't forget about you guys of course! Tag you're it: @christy @nylamrehs @irelis27 @MasriDaniela
omo omo @evelynmendoza14 Did you see the new epi??? I dont understand a thing that they said.... but at the end the ild lady says something I believe about the baby boy!!!!
wow...love love...i miss MH...
hahahahahahaha they need to be push off a cliff! :D
@evelyn... waaahhh andweyo!! i don't want anybody to die.. well do hoon and that bitch can jump over the cliff for all i care...lol @dana.. you predicted earlier about the child... i do hope it comes true... @christy... love that dream but it's not strong enough to leave us shocked... @irelis...yeah, it's like a game and the writers are making s think and it's giving me a headache!! but love it... i'm actually very excited for the ending this week... sad but happy!!
I do too!!! I know for a fact that I have a lot of things in mind!!! Haha
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