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Hello everyone!!

So before you start throwing pickles at me or something like that, I have an announcement to make so hear me out, please!!

I know I've been promising you all (whoever is actually here and looks forward to these;;) that I would start posting these more often and stuff and it's been like...*checks cards* Fi-Five months ago!?!? I only started this series five months ago!?!?! Whaaaaaaaa?? I thought I started this like a year ago :l

Well anyway!! So in 5 months I've only posted 7 of these cards for this series... :l Which is not what I wanted!! I wanted to be so on top of these and post like fifty a month or something!!!! (exaggeration, don't worry, I'm not THAT crazy :P) But now, since I have finally escaped the cursed thing known as school! (until next year of course) I am FINALLY able to actually work on my series and post cards again!!!!! Which means....

I will be posting at least 3 "Have You See This!?" cards every week!!!!!! Exciting isn't it?? :D Anyway, this card is already getting too long, but I just wanted to let you all know to look forward to these cards~

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Yes, this card is dedicated to one of my husbands (*cough* I meant Elle's husbands ^-^;;) annnnnd ya, I can't say too much cause I'm taking too long, so bam here you go!!

Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) by Jonghyun (종현) (feat. Iron (아이언))

Released on January 8, 2015

Okay, so first off, the video literally starts with Jonghyun with his wrists in chains... I mean, come on! Who wouldn't want to watch the video after hearing that!?!? And throughout the video he is still in chains~ It's a beautiful thing really. Oh, and the colors were absolutely breathtaking in this video!! With all the blacks, whites, grays, and dark blues~ Wow!! Oh, and the random reds every now and then also were added in very nicely~~ You don't understand how astheticlly pleasing this video was to watch!! It's so....refreshing~

And the way there was small circles of light that seemed to dance on Jonghyun and the band members' skins, wow...The first time I ever watched this video I was just so captivated by how beautiful and pleasing the whole thing was~ And including all of those beautiful outfits that Jonghyun was wearing hmmm so good!! And the rings and piercings he had on just made the whole thing even better!! ....If you're not already convinced to watch this video...I have something even better to say!! ...Jonghyun is shirtess half the time in this video and he has one of the best bodies I have ever seen!!!!! *internal screaming and wheezing in the background* So perfect~

The Song and Lyrics

So one of the first things that caught my main attention in this video was because of the gorgeous asthetics, but could we also please talk about Jonghyun's voice!?!? At first, I did think it was too high pitch but once the second chorus played I was just totally mesmerized!! And now, I love Jonghyun's voice in all of his songs and SHINee's songs, but I've never heard his voice be more beautiful than when he sings this song~ Especially when he sings "Crazy, crazy, craaaaazy~" at 2:46. Holy hell it's a legit eargasm!! I literally faint everytime he sings that part!! Also, can we talk about Iron's voice as well!? His voice matches extremely well with Jonghyun's and his voice is so full of emotion and power that you legit can feel the anquish! Now that takes a lot of talent. Congrats to the both of them!!

Okay, wow. The lyrics to this song are so beautiful it literally hurts to read them and even try to explain them. Like waaah!! It's not like it's the sadness that hurts, it's just that you (or maybe it's just me) can literally feel the pain and emotions that the lyrics are throwing at you. Anyway, so the song is about a guy (or girl, gender's not really specified) who meets this girl (again, not important) and knows that she's trouble, like all of his friends are warning him to get away from her and he always hears bag things about her and how she's like a temptress basically. He knows that she's crazy and bad for him, yet he still ends up falling in love with her and even starts saying that her dangerousness and her darkness is what makes her so beautiful and addictive. He knows she's crazy and even being with her hurts him yet he can't escape her and he doesn't want to. He's her guilty pleasure, he's the reason he's going crazy but he doesn't care. He just wants her.

(I could go on and on about the meaning of the lyrics, but I know I shouldn't;; Also, to me the lyrics feel like they come together like a story. Like you read the lyrics without the music and it's like reading a page on the book, other than the repeating chorus parts, it really feels like that!! I love this song even more now~)

Oh it feels like I’ve gone blind, oh my It’s obvious I’ll be ruined by your beautiful trap Don’t you know? Don’t you know? Your laugh is dangerous Don’t you know? Don’t you know?
“I told you so” They tell me not to get close to you, even your attractive eyes “See, she targeted him again” They say I’ll get hurt if I give her all my heart The funny thing is, the pathetic thing is Even when you’re being cunning You’re so attractive, it’s so fatal
Yeah, I think you’re a bit crazy When I look at you, I think I’ll go crazy She’s making me crazy I’m so into you The reason I’m attracted to danger, the reason I enjoy it more
I’m like a broken mask, I innocently believed in you When I take a deep breath, you make me addicted, oh my You’re perfect on the outside, a dangerous game for me Don’t you know? Don’t you know?
I felt it when I first saw you I knew I would get hurt if I touched you but I denied it And I squeeze you even tighter Both sides of the blade dig into me I try to cut you out but I can take this much I’m already disinfecting my weakened mind with alcohol Because the sin is so much sweeter than its consequences It was already too late to stop I’m falling deeper into the crazy swamp of love that you dug Everything is so different, I’m already at the end of my life Even if I can’t open my eyes the next morning, I’ll be happy because I’m next to you Now what used to be an X is now an O, I want you every moment Any kind of heaven without you is hell Sorry God, don’t forgive my guilty pleasure Hold me even tighter my precious
Yeah, I think you’re a bit crazy When I look at you, I think I’ll go crazy She’s making me crazy I’m so into you The reason I’m attracted to danger, the reason I enjoy it more
You pretend not to know, you pretend there’s nothing going on – You avoid me and I get angry But you don’t even act timid, you look at me and beckon me again Crazy crazy crazy
Yeah, I think you’re a bit crazy When I look at you, I think I’ll go crazy She’s making me crazy I’m so into you The reason I’m attracted to danger, the reason I enjoy it more
The reason I’m even more attracted (I’m looking at you, not knowing what to do) The reason I enjoy it even more She’s making me crazy I’m so into you This doesn’t even make sense, I think you’re a bit crazy
(Even if the song isn't your most favorite thing in the world, you at least have to admit all the beauty that was put into the music video, lyrics, and music. This definitely has to be one of my most favorite mvs in the kpop world to be honest!! But...Can we also talk about Jonghyun's abs!?!?! Like hot damn!! I seriously did not talk enough about those O.O)

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the music video and I hope this song encourages you to go and check out more songs by Jonghyun and SHINee!

The next card will be put up soon enough~

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