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Bts & Exo reaction to when their fianc茅 runs away ( mafia Au)
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This would make an amazing fanfic I loved it you should do the boys again but different scenarios and plz don't forget to tag if you plan on doing anymore 馃槉
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ill see what i can do to satisfy people who love readings thirst lol
4 months ago
park jimin? more like Han jumin
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someone write these for me!! but using ships!
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More like trying to leave the fandom 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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damn ok I am definitely not running away from my guy he is very serious and intense damn I am so lucky to have him only in my imagination obviously he doesn't even know I exist how sad is that? anyway I would like you guys to guess who my husband is from exo and from bts lol
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