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Hello everyone!!

Wow....sooooo it's been like forever since I've even looked at these cards!! *Checks last card* Holy hell it has been four months since I made the last card in this series!?!?!!? O.o

But now that school is over, I will be picking this series back up again and I'll be posting cards for it every week now!! So please, I hope you guys didn't think I gave up on this series and are excited for more cards to come in the future~

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Finally, the time has come to see who you guys ship EXO's D.O with!! How exciting!! cx

(Even though it's been like fifty billion years ago since the voting card was posted >.>)

The votes came from here:

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Are you ready?

Hold onto your steering wheel because the ship has sailed!!!!

1. KaiSoo

D.O x Kai
(10 votes)

2. ChanSoo

D.O x Chanyeol
(2 votes)

3. SeSoo

D.O x Sehun
(1 vote)

Was the result surprising or did you already see it coming?

Either way, it doesn't really matter. You can ship D.O with whoever you want and you can write all the fanfiction you want about them cause....

Who's going to stop you? C;

Missed the voting? That's okay!!

Just ask to be tagged in the future rankings so that you never miss another one again!! I'd certainly love to have more Rankers to follow me along on this ride ^-^

If you ask to join the Rankers taglist then you'll be able to know whenever I post cards in my ranking series: "Bias Rankings" "Favorite Ships" and "Favorite Song Lyrics" So what are you waiting for!?!? Join us, it's great here!!!! xD

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The next ranking (which will be put up tomorrow) is going to be a surprise~!! :D

It still has to do with EXO and it will be the final, ending card in this EXO Shipping series (so sad, but it has to end!!).

Don't be too sad though because next Wednesday I will be starting up another Ship Ranking series with a different group!! So while the EXO Ship Ranking series comes to an end, a new one will be born!! I won't tell you which group it will be because that's suppose to be a surprise as well~

So please look forward to all the surprises and keep an eye out for the next ranking card tomorrow!! And I'm so happy to be starting this series up again C:

~From your certified, professional pervert~
(I swear, I have a degree C;)

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kai and d.o. forever
I'm a Chansoo girl ! Love watching them interact
ChanSoo is also really cute cX