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Let us start this off easy with a little video of I.M being both cute and funny : ]

Ok, here's a gif and some pictures that I found him aboslutely adorable in!
Ok, have I managed to kill anyone yet? No? Let's continue!

I slightly killed myself a little bit by watching this... Oops
I feel like I have already made a card like this, but honestly, I don't even know anymore... It's always nice being blessed by Changkyun's cuteness!

Gif and picture spam time now! I find these cute in my opinion, and I hope uyou all will too!

I am in love with this bubble picture! So much!!!!
This gif is one of my favorite parts in this music video and I just adore this part and him so much!!!!!!!
I'm not one to ship people often, but this is really cute and I just love the way he is looking at Wonho! Like if he came out and said that he was dating Shin Hoseok, I would be ok with it because of the way he is looking at him right here. I know I'm a dork.

One final video of I.M being funny and cute : ) I hope you guys like this card and I'm sorry I have literally fallen off the face of the planet when it comes to Vingle. I'm gonna try to be around more, I promise!

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This baby here!!!!