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Hello! I'm happy to finally start putting out my new story. Sorry it's taken so long but the struggle with writer's block was seriously real. That and work. So, without further ado, here's the first chapter. Hope you enjoy.
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Disclaimer: The events are purely fictional. While BTS is real, I don't know them personally so this is just for fun. the original picture does not belong to me, but the editing does.

Warning: May contain mild language, violence, and blood. Later chapters may contain sensuality and/or smut, but not yet.

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Once again, I couldn’t sleep. Once again, I found myself wandering the almost deserted streets during the witching hour. If it was a Friday or Saturday night, there would likely be drunken people stumbling home or to another bar or club. But on a Thursday night, most everyone was sleeping, preparing to meet the rigorous day of work ahead of them. I would have preferred to be able to mirror those efforts, but my on and off insomnia had hit me the previous night and if I was unlucky I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep for another day or so. And that’s how I ended up walking around.
I absentmindedly touched my gun. Even though I was off-duty, I carried my weapon at all times. It was a habit I’d learned the hard way and it was good to have considering that my insomnia-fueled boredom often had me walking a beat during the times when most serious problems and attacks occurred.
I had been walking around in increasingly larger circles for about an hour when I heard voices coming from the next street over. The area I was in was a small business district away from the residential areas. There were no clubs around there and no reason for people to be loud and obnoxious. It was probably some idiotic teenagers who had snuck out of their parents houses to vandalize just because—well—just because they could.
I sighed and went back to the corner I had just turned at. I’d dealt with kids like this before and they either ran in a panic or cried for me to please not tell their parents if I caught them. Just in case it was something more, I pulled my jacket back and rested my hand on my gun. When I rounded the next corner, my eyes went wide. A circle of six or seven people were surrounding someone curled up on the ground. I pulled my gun out. While conflicts like this weren’t often, I had seen them many times before. It was probably either a gang thing or a hate crime of vampires and humans.
“Hey!” I yelled and broke into a run. With that many people, I probably would be hard-pressed to win hand to hand and I didn’t want to have to shoot anyone. I didn’t even know if they had guns or not. I kept close to the buildings in case they started shooting and had to hide in a doorway. And while I didn’t like the idea of them getting away, that would be better than a confrontation. The people looked up at me in panic. When they saw the gun, they probably guessed that I was an enforcer. For them, that meant run. And they did. I let them run as I ran to the man on the ground.
I kneeled down next to him and saw the blood, the pale color of vampire blood. The man was a vampire. And, likely, those people who ran were human. Why else would they need that many people to take on one person?
I had to be careful. As much as I believed in the natural good in both humans and vampires, I knew that sometimes vampires lost control when they were injured.
“Sir, are you okay? Are you conscious?” That earned me a groan of pain. I rested my hand on his shoulder. “Alright. I’m going to call an ambulance, I’ll get you to a hosp—“
“No!” His fangs descended as he yelled, grabbing my hand. That sent him into a coughing fit. When he caught his breath after a few seconds, he spoke again, his voice sounding desperate. “Please don’t—“ he coughed, fangs retracting back into the gums, “don’t call an ambulance. I—I think—a gang. They’ll look…” and then he trailed off as he finally fell unconscious.
The glint of metal caught my attention. I picked up the knife that was on the ground next to him. There was blood on it along with another black substance. I was pretty sure what it was. A sniff of the knife proved my suspicions correct, Sunlight. Sunlight was a high end concoction made from several substances and herbs that almost all vampires were severely allergic to; it acted as a poison. The ingredients were difficult to get a hold of and highly regulated. Whoever those people were, they were connected, probably to at least one corrupt enforcer.
I had a choice to make. Judging by his suit, he wasn’t a vampire gang member. He was probably just some guy who worked around here and had finished a late night of work. Wrong place, wrong time. And he was right, if they were a gang, they would probably look for him to finish the job when an enforcer wasn’t around. That’s what they always did. And I couldn’t take him to the precinct. They would either tell me to take him to the hospital or, if they kept him, he wouldn’t make it out alive in the morning. Probably due to ‘erratic behavior necessitating immediate suppression’. It was the most common thing vampire deaths were equated to when certain human enforcers were involved. The poison, while not deadly itself, would make him severely ill and only aid his injuries if it wasn’t taken care of. And that could lead to death.
I sighed. I was just starting to get used to having my apartment to myself again. It was about a twenty minute brisk walk from my apartment. With the vampire, it would be longer. I strapped my neck guard around my throat and maneuvered in front of the vampire. With a lot of effort, and curses, I managed to get him onto my back. The man was bigger and heavier than me, but I, fortunately, worked out a lot, especially with weights. When you were a human, especially a youngish female, people had a nasty habit of trying to go after you since you were seen as the weakest link. So I made sure that was never the case. And it definitely paid off now.
I lost track of exactly how long it took to shuffle my way back home. I used the back entrance to take the service elevator to my floor. I checked to make sure no one was around and walked down the hall to my door. I struggled with the keys for a couple minutes before finally getting it unlocked. I stumbled my way to the guest bedroom and carefully sat down on the bed. I let the man slowly fall back on the bed and then readjusted him. I ran back to the main door, locked it, and then ran back to the bathroom where my emergency kit was. I grabbed the kit marked ‘V’ and wet a few washcloths. Back in the room, I turned on the light to survey the extent of the damage.
There were cuts and blood all over his face and starting to dry in his periwinkle hair. The damage wasn’t good, but it wasn’t life threatening. I was more worried about whatever internal damage he may have had and the amount of blood he had lost so far. Their kicking could have ruptured an internal organ. But he asked me not to take him to a hospital so all I could do was try to treat him the best I could. The first thing I did was grab the Sunlight antidote, Moonlight (I know, whoever invented them wasn’t very creative), and administered that.
Then, I went to my study and opened the hidden refrigerated safe, pulling out a bag of O- blood. Vampires didn’t have a blood type, but they could receive blood from other vampires or any humans. I went back to the room and cleaned his arm where I would insert the needle. I did that and hung the blood from a wire suspended from the ceiling.
With that taken care of, I started to clean his face. With the blood cleared, I could see the cuts better. I also noticed that he was actually kind of handsome. I immediately laughed at myself. Leave it up to me to find the mysterious vampire attractive. Just what I needed in my life. I continued cleaning and dressing the wounds, though the shallow ones would probably be gone when he woke up later. I left a water bottle and a blood tablet on the bed next to him in case he woke up before me. I didn’t want to jostle him too much, so I pulled out an extra blanket to cover him with. Leaving a light on in the bathroom, I walked to the door. He looked peaceful lying on the bed. I shook my head. Stop thinking weird thoughts. You’ve just been single for too long.
I left the room, closing the reinforced door and locking it. While I considered myself a Good Samaritan of sorts sometimes, I wasn’t so foolish as to let a stranger have free reign in my apartment. Until I could knew the person crashing at my place, I never let them run around free. It was one of the agreed upon conditions of their stay. And while this new person wasn’t capable of actually agreeing to that, he did ask for my help. It wasn’t like there was anything worth stealing in my apartment, it was just an extra measure of protection for myself.
Apparently, carrying that man had exhausted my body enough that it was actually ready for sleep. I went to my room, locking the sturdy door behind me. Better safe than sorry. I got ready for bed and then climbed into the sheets. Just as sleep started to claim me, a bittersweet memory of my family started to play, just as one did every so often. This time though, that vampire was there, smiling. Which was funny, because I hadn’t seen him smile. And for some reason, my brain seemed to think that he would have cute dimples. Before I could protest my brain’s absurdity of allowing a stranger into one of my happiest memories, I fell asleep.
Narrator POV
A few hours later, Sam woke up as her natural alarm clock, the sun, filtered through her windows. She was happy to have a corner apartment with a neighbor only on one side. She let out a whine and stretched. Today was going to be another long day. She didn’t have work for another few hours and it was a double shift. She groaned as she threw her feet over the side of the bed. First, she had to see if the vampire was awake. She quickly dressed in casual clothes and held her gun in her hand. Even if he was a good vampire, most people in general didn’t take kindly to being locked up, and she didn’t even know what kind of person he actually was.
Sam unlocked the guest room door and slowly let it swing open, making sure he wasn’t hiding anywhere, ready to spring out. She was pleasantly surprised to find him sitting on the edge of the bed, slowly drinking out of the now blood-red water bottle. The bag containing the emergency blood was completely empty and sitting on the bedside table where the water bottle had been. The vampire had changed into the clothes she’d set out for him the night before.
“Don’t worry,” the vampire said calmly, setting the bottle in an empty area, “I won’t bite. Unless you want me to.” He chuckled at his own joke. Sam smiled. At least he had a sense of humor.
“Not that that doesn’t sound tempting,” she joined in the joke, “but I like my blood where it is.”
“Oh good, you do have a sense of humor.” Sam laughed. “I was worried you were either some bad person who’d taken me for some unknown nefarious purposes or you would right now think that I was one of those bad people. I’m glad it’s neither.”
“I haven’t made up my mind about you yet,” she laughed, tucking the gun into the back of her pants.
“Well, thank you for what you’ve done for me, anyway.” He indicated to the bandages and side table.
“You asked me not to take you to the hospital and I couldn’t just leave you there.”
“Most people probably would have. Not every person is willing to let a strange man, let alone a vampire, into their house. Though I guess you did have the door locked.”
“That’s true. And, I didn’t know you, so I couldn’t let you roam around freely in my house, but you’re not the first stray I’ve taken in.”
“I guess your suit would indicate you’re not a stray. But your state on the road would indicate that you were temporarily.”
“Fair enough.” He stood up and she saw that he was quite a few inches taller than her. She was about average height, so he must’ve been decently tall.
“How are you feeling?”
“Sore, in pain. But nothing too bad.”
“That’s good then. The clothes fit?”
“Yeah. They’re a little tight around the torso,” Sam had definitely noticed that, “but they’re fine regardless. Beggars and choosers, right?”
Sam smiled. “Right. Are you hungry?” The man looked back at the now empty bottle. “I meant for food.”
“Food would be nice.”
“Alright then, give me a few minutes. I’d feed you something decent, but I wasn’t expecting company. I hope leftovers are okay.”
“Perfect.” Sam held the door open, indicating that he could leave the room. The man bowed his head politely and went out, Sam following behind him. She noticed that his torso wasn’t the only thing the clothes were tight on. “Is that alright?”
Sam looked up as the man turned around. “What? I didn’t catch that.”
The man chuckled. “I asked if it was alright if I charged my phone.”
“Of course.” Sam held her hand out and the man gave her the phone. She plugged it in in the kitchen where her extra cord was. The man sat down at the small kitchen table and watched her. “I guess I should ask your name,” she said while pulling out containers from the fridge.
“Namjoon…” Sam tried the name out.
“I like the way you say it.” Sam turned to find Namjoon resting his head on hand, elbow propped up on the table. The look in his eyes bore right through her and she felt more than her face heat up. That was definitely not a reaction she was used to.
Sam cleared her throat. “That’s just the way I talk. I say everyone’s name like that.”
“Hmm. Well, what’s your name?”
“Sam? Isn’t that a boy’s name?”
Sam rolled her eyes. It’s not like she hadn’t heard that a thousand times. “It’s short for Samantha.”
“Mm. You’re definitely more of a Sam.” Sam turned back to him. She’d barely opened her mouth to respond when Namjoon corrected himself. “No, I didn’t mean you look like a male. Most definitely not…” He trailed off for a second. “I just meant that you come off as a badass. The gun definitely helps.”
Sam let out a small snort and turned back to the food.
“Cute,” Namjoon muttered to himself. What was it about her that he found so attractive? She wasn’t a bombshell by any standards, but there was something about her that he found completely alluring. Of course, he didn’t find all beautiful women attractive. If they were drop dead gorgeous but had the IQ to match the stereotype, he wasn’t attracted to them. Women like that were arm candy, not mate-worthy. This woman in front of him… he couldn’t figure her out. She was a Good Samaritan of sorts and had apparently done this more than just last night, but she was obviously comfortable with a gun. If it were only one or the other, he’d either guess her as an equalist or an enforcer. But with the two together, he didn’t know what to make of her.
Sam wondered about Namjoon as well. His suit indicated that he worked in some high-level job, but his personality told her that he wasn’t an elitist. His specific wounds indicated that he had fought back at least a little, but he didn’t kill or severely wound any of them. Was he a bad fighter or was he specifically trying to not kill anyone, even though he, himself, was almost killed. And why did she get the feeling that he was flirting with her? She was obviously not an easy target, so what was his game? Or was it just in his personality.
“If you take in strays, what does that make you? A pound?”
“A shelter,” she responded without missing a beat. “A safe haven. For vampires or humans. A person in need is a person in need, no matter the color of their blood.”
Namjoon smiled fondly. She truly was something else. He knew a few people who would probably be interested in meeting her. “You must make decent money to be able to take care of other people.”
“Maybe you should look again.”
Namjoon did look around. He immediately saw what she was talking about; everything was bare. There was small TV stand in the living room, but the TV was an old, bulky TV from before flat screens. There were a few obviously worn DVDs and VHSs in a beat-up shelving unit and the couch was older, though not in bad shape. But there was not much else in the living area of the apartment. Even the kitchen, with its older style cabinets and old electric range stove, had only a small fridge, a microwave, a rice cooker, and not much else in sight. He guessed there probably was only a few sets of older dinnerware and various accessories in the cabinets. It looked like there were three rooms and a guest bathroom. If she took in ‘strays’, she probably need the extra space.
“Going for the Spartan look, huh?”
Sam laughed. “Something like that. It makes it easier to take people in when there’s nothing to steal. And it’s not like I need that much: a place to sleep, clothes to wear, food to eat. Anything else is a bonus. I’d rather be able to help people get on their feet than enjoy what others don’t have. Plus, I’m not usually at home enough to enjoy anything, and when I am home, it’s trying to do more stuff like this.”
Namjoon gave her a strange look as she set the food on the table.
“I’m just trying to figure out if you’re actually a good person or if you’re just like acting like a good person. You’re not exactly humble about what you do.”
Sam shrugged and set out the plates and utensils. “There’s nothing to be humble or proud about. I do what I do, I don’t dance around it. You asked, I answered. I’ve never exactly been known for my tact and the people who know me know that. Some people can handle it, others can’t. I don’t blame those who can’t. Society has taught us that we should censor our words, no matter what they are. I have some tact in that I don’t go around offending people, but I also usually don’t have a reason to offend them in the first place.
“That’s also one reason why I don’t move up in my job. Nobody wants to promote someone who isn’t afraid to speak their mind, especially if it goes against the status quo. But that doesn’t bother me. I’m fine where I am. I’d rather have an open mouth and open mind than a closed mouth and closed mind.”
“Hm. I think I like you after all,” Namjoon laughed as he got up to check his phone. It was charged just enough that he could call while it was still plugged in.
When Namjoon kept saying that he was fine, Sam knew that whoever he was calling, probably a friend, must have been really worried. He checked the street address with Sam before giving it to the person on the phone. A few more words were exchanged and then Namjoon hung up. Sitting back at the table, he informed Sam that his friends would be there in about thirty minutes.
“Then eat up,” she indicated to the food in front of them. Namjoon smiled and did exactly as she told him. Even though vampires didn’t need to eat human food in order to survive, they did have to eat if they didn’t want to look like the skeletal vampires from medieval times. And the food was actually good. Namjoon had just finished helping Sam clean up the dishes when someone started pounding on the front door.
“That’ll be your friends. Go ahead.”
Namjoon opened the door while Sam dried off her hands.
“Hyung!” “Namjoon!” multiple voices yelled. Apparently, more than one of them came to pick him up.
Sam walked out of the kitchen and watched the males in the entryway. “You can come in,” she told them.
Their heads shot up to look at her. “Who’s she?” a younger male with burnt orange hair asked in a tone that sounded more like ‘Who the hell is she?’
“Yah!” Namjoon barked and smack the man on the head. “This is her house and she saved my life. Be respectful.”
Sam chuckled. “Not like I’m not used to it. I’m Sam.”
A blonde male started to ask, “Sam? Isn’t that—“
Namjoon cut him off. “Short for Samantha.”
“You guys should come in. My neighbors are gonna get fidgety if they see a whole bunch of strange men standing in my doorway.”
“Fair enough,” said a different male with light brown hair. They came in and closed the door.
“I’ll just get my stuff,” Namjoon told them and disappeared into the other room.
“That was either very brave or very stupid of you to take him in like you did,” the same male told her.
“So I’ve heard…” she trailed off waiting to see if he would give a name.
“Ah, sorry. That’s pretty rude of us. I’m Jin.” He pointed to a man with pale red hair standing next to him. “This—“
“I’m Yoongi,” Yoongi said quickly, cutting off Jin. Yoongi didn’t speak to new people very often so it threw Jin off.
“I’m Hoseok,” a man with dark brown hair declared with a playful lilt in his voice.
“Taehyung,” the blonde man told her.
The orange-haired man who’d first spoken to her said next, “I’m Jimin.” The last male, who had jet black hair, stayed with his body partially hidden behind Jimin. “And the shy one is Jungkook.”
“Hyung,” Jungkook whined.
Sam laughed. “Well, it’s nice to meet you all. I’m sorry I don’t have much to offer you while you wait. I don’t have enough glasses either.”
“No worries,” Jin assured her. “We’re just grateful for you taking care of Namjoon like you did. I only know a few people who would’ve taken a risk like you did, and even fewer who are human.”
“It’s kinda what I do when I can. I hate the fighting between races. Everyone deserves a fair shot. And Namjoon probably could’ve really hurt those guys if he wanted to, but he didn’t.”
“Though I didn’t expect them to have Sunlight on them,” Namjoon commented as he came back out.
“They shouldn’t have had it.”
“Yeah, well, the bad guys don’t always play by the rules,” Yoongi remarked.
“Hey.” Jin pulled out a card and flashed her a sweet smile. “Here’s my card. If you should ever need help, let me know.” Sam looked at the card. She had been right about Namjoon. If his friend was an official in the vampire government, then Namjoon probably was as well. Namjoon glared at Jin, his eyes flashing a ruby red for a second. The others’ eyes widened in surprise. Jin just cocked an eyebrow and turned back to Sam who was still looking at the card.
“Actually,” Jin continued, unaffected, “there’s an important gathering coming up. Vampires and humans who are trying for peace and equality will be there to discuss methods and such. I think it’d be beneficial to you, and to all of us, if you came.”
“Thanks for the invitation,” she smiled, then sighed. “But I know how both humans and vampires feel about enforcers showing up to their gatherings.”
“Enfor—“ They all immediately took a step back except Namjoon who simply stared at her in confusion. He didn’t believe she was actually an enforcer. She seemed like such a nice person. This could change everything.
So, only the first chapter, nothing too crazy. I hope I did a good job setting it up. Personally, I like the idea of vampire Namjoon ;)
Please feel free to let me know what you think. I'll try to stick to a schedule of updating on Thurs and Sun since those're usually my days off. I hope to see you guys next time. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged or untagged.

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