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I thought this was going to harder for me, but after thinking about it, I came to a conclusion. So, I did narrow the videos down to All In and Beautiful. Both are very great songs but the song I chose as my favorite comeback is...

Beautiful makes much more sense to me and even though I have definitely played the heck out of the song, I really enjoy the music video itself. I remember watching All In when they had their comeback and I was so confused with everything that was going on. Fighter confused me too, but it was one of my favorite songs!

Also, with the new comeback came the acoustic version of Beautiful, which is, no pun intended, beautiful. Changes the complete song by being acoustic.

If you do not have the v live app or an account, you are missing out on some really nice features of being on the site. V Live has a focus on all of members, which is really nice to watch. I personally have watched both Changkyun's and Jooheon's focuses many times for the dance practice. Gotta learn moves somehow.

What are your alls favorite comebacks?

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