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So... I can't pick between Jackpot and Nillili Mambo, so those are going to be my favorite Eras for Block B!

This was one of my first ever music videos I had watch of theirs, and I just really love this song so much! I love the outfits and literally everything about this song in general. Also, Zico's hair is magical. I also really adore P.O's hair in this video as well!
So, honestly this is just my favorite song and I really like the dance and the outfits of this video! P.O is such a bias wrecker for me in the video with his blonde hair and the ete patch and the red jacket. He looks like a very, very attractive pirate.

I wanted to include one of Zico's eras as well because this song is the theme song that sums up me and @monbebearmybbc life. I am you, you are me!

This is such a good song, and I am not usually one to like a slower song, but this is such a good freaking song and I love the concept of the video! Plus I really like that they are literally the same person and always wearing the same outfit and doing the same things. I just find it super cute! Zico may look like he is mean and scary, but he's cute and fluffy and I love him!