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Noona tried to open every door using that keycode but it wouldn't work. She was running out of hope as she neared the top floor. She climbed the last flight of stairs, her legs were heavy and burning, her feet dragging as she walked up to the sixth floor door. She knew it wasn't going to work but she hit each number hoping. She pounded on the door. She looked over the railing to see where the manager was. She could hear him but couldn't see him. Noona collapsed down to the floor and waited for him.

She had seen the eldest at the bottom and wondered where her baby god was. She could hear the manager coming up the steps.

The manager rose up the steps like an evil man rising up from hell. She forced herself to stand, ready to take him on again.

He charged at her, his hands coming up to grab her. She pulled back to take her shot when someone jumped in front of her, blocking the manager.

The eldest yelled him to stop and pushed him back but the manager came again, ignoring the person standing between them. Again, the eldest told him to stop and this time hitting his arms away. The manager finally realized what was going on, he stepped back for a second before taking a hold of the eldest.

The manager shook him around, “Get out of the way!”

He shoved him aside, grabbing noona by the arm but the eldest hooked his arm around the managers neck and pulled him back. The manager elbowed him in the ribs, twisted himself around and punched him in the gut. The eldest got him into a headlock even as the manager was throwing punches into his body and flipped him over, body slamming him into the floor.

The eldest jumped over him, grabbed noona and pulled her up another flight of stairs. He entered the code that noona had been using. Just as she looked back she seen her baby god and her dark god come through the door on the other side of the manager. She cried out to him before the eldest pulled her into the door that lead up to the roof.

The eldest slammed the door shut behind them. He looked around for something to block it with but there was nothing. He growled in frustration.

“I can't believe it. I couldn't believe it until now. Seeing him like that… I never knew he could be so hell-bent on doing his job.” The eldest said as he stomped around on the roof.

Noona looked at him bewildered, “hell-bent on doing his job? He's just doing his job, huh, I really don't think that includes resorting to murder.” She watched the door, “I can't even imagine all the things he's done…” she looked glanced over at him, remembering something her boss once said, “ ‘those boys get into trouble and their manager cleans up after them’, I was told that once."

The eldest thought about it, he remembered what they did to that saesang, what had happened to her in the end but she had loved it, it was what she had wanted. He thought about all those things that went on over the years.

He stared at noona for a long time, “yes, the manager was doing his job.”

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