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They could hear something going on as they approached the door. When the maknae pushed the door open, the manager was lying on the ground trying to catch his breath. He looked around but didn't see his noona anywhere. Then he heard her from above, he looked up the steps and saw her for a second before she was pulled into another open door by his hyung.

The manager got up. He faced his boys, shaking his head at them.

“You two… you two are never going to see that woman again.” He glared at the maknae, “and you'll never know that child.”

“If I have to runaway with her, I will. But you're never going to separate us.” The maknae snapped back.

His hyung stared at him. “Child?” he said softly and in disbelief. The maknae stared back at him. “When?… who?…” his hyung started to ask.

“Yes! A child! Didn't you know? You could be the father! “ the manager screeched, “You're so stupid, the both of you!”

“Shut up! “ the maknae yelled at the manager then he turned to his hyung, “hyung, I was going to tell you but it's not yours.”

The manager laughed, “Whatever… you both shared her. She's a worthless woman but yet you both want her. You're just stupid BOYS is all. Now stay out of my way.” The manager turned to go up the stairs but the maknae grabbed him by the shoulders, pulling him back down.

“No! You stay away from her.”

The manager swung back, hitting him across the head. The maknae felt pain along side his face and ear right before he felt it again across the other side of his head. His hyung jumped in between them, putting his arms up to defend himself as the manager swung at him too. When he seen the opportunity, he quickly threw a punch that landed in the manager face.

“One” he said, then threw another punch, “Two”, then swung up from the bottom, “Three” hooking the manager in the jaw.

The manager stumbled back, holding his jaw. He rubbed it and then swung at him again but the dark one blocked it, the manager threw another punch from the other side and he blocked that one too. The manager kicked him in the stomach sending him flying backwards, almost down the stairs. The dark one caught hold of the railing and pulled himself up.

The maknae threw a punch and was met with an arm so he swung himself around into a roundhouse kick and got the manager in the lower abs. He quickly grabbed the manager's head and brought his knee up into his face. The manager hollered as he fell backwards into the wall. The maknae looked back to see if his hyung was okay. When he turned his attention back to the manager, he was too late to keep him back. The manager dodged him, wrapping his arms around the maknae's waist, pushing him back into the railing and over it.

The maknae screamed as he frantically tried to grab something to keep from falling.

“NO!” his hyung cried and leaped, grabbing him by his shirt, which tore, the maknae, screamed again as he dangled over the railing trying to hold on for dear life.

“HYUNG, HELP ME!” he screamed.

The dark one screamed trying to pull him back over, his hands starting to sweat holding onto his arms.

“Try and grab around my neck, I don't care if you grab my hair” he said, “you're slipping, HURRY!”

“NO, I'M GOING TO FALL” the maknae cried.

“HURRY… do it... please baby brother"

The maknae let the railing go and pulled himself up enough to hook his arm around his hyung. He held on tightly. The dark one reached down as far as he could, catching hold of his pants and pulled him up. The maknae swung his legs up onto what little ledge he could put his foot on and pulled himself up. With one final tug, they both tumbled back onto the landing.

They laid breathing hard, their hearts racing hard from the near death experience. The dark one rolled over, grabbing his little brother in his arms, squeezing him tightly, kissing his sweaty head. The maknae held him back, sobbing and thanking him.

Caged Inside Of You (53 장)

I think he knocked the maknae over to distract Kai and then go after Xiudaddy and noona.
@FromBlue2U true... sad, but true 😧😔
@EmilyPeacock think about this whole story. if you were PD-nim, and your boys told you the whole truth, and the manager hyung told you something a bit more "feasible", knowing full and well the conversations y'all had about the boys to in the past, dont you think that PD-nim would side with manager hyung, and write the boys off as lying since it sounds so wild?
Now what my question is, if Sehun did fall over and Kai didn't catch him in time, what would the managers excuse be to Sehun hurting himself from the fall?
My poor maknae....
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