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As many already know(and for those who may not have known), Monsta X are releasing a repackage album called Shine Forver and today was the day that they started posting teaser pictures! Today was Wonho's and man does he look good!

This looks really pretty and I'm excited to see what all tracks are on the album itself!

Almost everyone I know online wanted Wonho to go back to dark, and well, they got what they wanted! I really like the color of his hair and I am also super jealous because that is almost the hair color that I wanted when I originally dyed my hair. I say almost because I would want it a little bit darker.

I am very excited for this comeback, but the boys are already incredibly busy and I hope that after they promote this album and complete their world tour, that Starship will finally allow them to have a much needed break.

Also, Shownu's birthday is coming up and it is coming quickly! June 18th to be exact! Can we talk about how he has a concert on his birthday and then right after that the album is released... He's gonna have a busy birthday. So please remember to wish him a happy birthday!

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his haaaaaaair
I know!!!!! It's nice but I'm so used to the lilac and blonde. It's so dark now!
Dancers and performers don't really take breaks...even when they have 'em. I can't wait for their tour ,as I actually have tickets.
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Oh my gosh congrats! We are going to Atlanta as well, but we do not have good seats. I'm just excited to be able to see them perform ☺️