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This apology makes TOP so much more amazing than he was before. People make mistakes, it's a normal human action. It is the fans of TOP's choice to accept him as he is and as a fan of him, I will still love him no matter what he does.
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poor top... I really hope that this was just lip service. fans have to take into consideration that laws aren't the same everywhere and that the members travel constantly. they were going to be exposed to this kind of stuff eventually and they probably have views about drugs (pot in particular) that are a little abnormal when compared to the majority of the south korean population.
Gotta give it to him for swallowing his pride and apologizing. It takes guts to do that, proud of him.
I understand weed is illegal, but it's not heroine or dope. I wish places like America and South Korea could get thier crap together on what really matters. it's not that big of a deal.
TOP can make the decisions he wants to make. This applies to everyone who takes drus. If you wanna take drugs go ahead. Yes, drugs are bad for you. However nearly everyone knows that. If one still decides to take drugs knowing the consequences then by all means, take drugs. Plus, like @VIPFreak2NE1 said, drugs is a way to deal with stress. Being a star comes with a lot of stress. I really don't like it when any star is hurt physically or mentally brcause when something hurts, it hurts no matter what. People need ways to relieve the pain, and stress is indeed a form of pain. TOP, fighting!! True fans will stick with you through whatever, no matter what true fans will honestly love you for who you are; even if you do bad things.
my baby :( it happens it's a life choice he should be blasted for this