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This apology makes TOP so much more amazing than he was before. People make mistakes, it's a normal human action. It is the fans of TOP's choice to accept him as he is and as a fan of him, I will still love him no matter what he does.
Gotta give it to him for swallowing his pride and apologizing. It takes guts to do that, proud of him.
I love TOP. And I will say that he made a HUGE mistake and he does deserve to be punished in some way, only because it is against the law in S. Korea. But I still accept the fact that he's human and he does stupid shit like the rest of us. So does he deserves punishment? Yes. Is he a horrible human being? No. He's still the dork we all love and know. Don't worry TOP, no matter what happens, we'll be here.
I have no words to describe how much I can relate to what you said. #speechless#youspeakthetruth @KPOPDESTROYEDME
have you'll seen that allkpop put that he refuses to get out of his dorm and only eats ramen. I feel sorry for him. poor baby. He made a mistake yes I understand but we are not God to judge him. I hope he gets better!! Fighting!!👍👍
he is a human being everyone makes mistakes. I really do hope no one really judges him for what he did.
And yet some people said he wouldn't own up to it. We all knew he would, but I still find this situation ridiculous. I'm glad he's taking action before it got to out of hand, and I wish him the best
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