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I know it has been a week since the comeback, but I have wanted to talk about this for a while now! (I was trying to catch up with my mod support cards first before I fangirled over my boys.) I was so incredibly excited to see that Astro were having a comeback and this is a really great song and music video!

It is amazing being able to see how much Astro have grown in just a little over a year! I feel that this music video gives them a more mature feel and Sanha looks like he has grown up so much! Do you see the tears? Of crouse this video still has a fun Astro vibe from it, but it, at least to me, comes off as a moving forward from their first year since debut to becoming the group that we are all coming to know and love!

Please, if you do not already stan Astro, just give them a listen because I think they can make their way into your heart!

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i lovelovelooooved the video!!!