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"Aloha and welcome to Honolulu on the island of Oahu."

The driver greeted me as I walked up to them. I was here on business with of personal reasons afterwards. It was exciting all together though. I was in freaking hawaii after all. My driver took my bags and open the car door for me.

after they put my bags in the trunk, they took me straight to the Hilton. Waikiki was way to beautiful of a place to stay away from. Once I was able to check in and get settled into my room. I headed down to the 2nd story pool and spent the rest of the day light sunbathing. 

"Damn the woman in this hotel are beautiful"

I was happy to have sunglasses on, because it allow me to look up at who spoke. He was a cute blondie that just seem so squish-able to me. "Of couse man, its hawaii after all. All types of woman out here." His friend that was shorter than him and cover in gold said.

I just smirked to myself because the blondie made his short friend look like a leprechaun. "You think any of them are single here?" I watch them walk over to the pool side bar. "I know if their a flower behind their right ear they're solo."

A flower, from the trees behind me, fell down onto my lap. I froze thr moment it landed, and just stared at it. What are the odds that after he said that, a flower would land on my lap. I just sat up, to put my headphones in, before playing the flower behind my right ear. Yes I was solo, but didn't mean I wanted there attention.

I lay back in my lounge chair, to sunbathe. Didn't really keep an eye on them, though. Yet it felt like someone had their eyes locked on me. When I peek a bit to look around, I cought the blondie looking over at me. He had thr biggest grin on his face, that made him look so pure and innocent.

I just sighed heavily before getting up and grabbing my stuff. I could of swore I heard a whimper, making me look over at him again from the corner of my eye. It was him whimpering, he expression turn sad. I just ended up rolling my eyes and headed to my hotel room to wash up.

I later attending my business meeting, and ended up coming back to the hotel at night fall. The walk-ways were lit with metal tortches. People were still wondering about like it was still daylight out as well. Hawaii was so amazing that it had me contilpating moving here. But I loved my job way to much to actually do it.

I just changed out of my business attire to casual summer wear. I then went for a walk along the boat yard outside my hotel. Apparently I was enjoying my walk and view so much, that I fail to keep track of time. People that were out had even gone back inside. I decided it would be best to return to my hotel room, when a hand wrap around my arm.

Instinct kicked in as I spub around to grab the owner and got ready to kick him in the head. When I did my around house kick, The owner was gone. I looked around in shock wondering why there was a hand that grabbed me, but no one was there.

I heard a chuckle come from behind me, making me turn around again to nothing. "You're a feisty one, and smart. You know I'm here and even ready to fight to protect yourself." I turn to a boat that was next to me, and saw he was standing on the head of the boat. It was the blonde from this morning.

"I like that you can defend yourself."

He jump from the boat to before me in seconds. I felt myself slowly going into shock. "Though I doubt your shock is going to allow you too..." He was cut off the moment I ran for it. I stopped dead in my tracks the minute he appear in front of my again as if it was nothing. 

"Sorry, but you've seen what I can do... I can't let my prey get away."

I wanted to scream, but the moment we made eye contact, my voice was gone. He had me under his spell, as I was memorized by his sparkling blue eyes, thst were brown this morning. He slowly glided his hand along my arm, before holding my hand.

 "Come spend the night with me" 

I couldn't even say no as he pulled me into his embrace. He held me close so that I was snuggled up to him. I felt us moving thanks to the cross breeze. When he let go of me, to hold my hand only, I saw that he brought us to his hotel baloncy. I pulled away from him, terrified at what he was doing.

I back up into the railing and was about to fall off, when he grabbed my arm. He spun me into his room that way I fell back onto the couch. "Its not my intension to kill you." I just looked up at him, and saw he was being sincere. 

"Honestly, I'm just lonely. So no worries if your that affraid I'll make you forget all of this."

For some strange reason, his honesty was calming me down. I sat up right and saw that sweet smile appear along his lips. "I wouldn't mind keeping you company. You didn't have to go that route though." He looked behind him, with a sad expression, before looking back at me.

"I'm sorry, its just your scent trigger my hunger. But don't worry, I'm well fed."

He gave me an eye smile which seem more magical with his glowing eyes. He came over to sit on the couch but put a pillow between us. I just looked at the pillow, than him. "Just trying to make you comfortable." He really was adorable.

"Well fed, huh?"

I pointed to the pillow before taking it to hold. He caught on to my taunt, and gave a small smirk. But it faded when he watch me hug the pillow. "What jealous of the pillow?" I teased him again, but he nodded his head yes. 

I reach out to lightly touch his hand, and was a bit surprise how warm this man was, for a vampire. "You are a vampire right?" He nodded his head but was staring at my hand touching him. "You're so warm..." I held his hand firmly and put the pillow down at my feet.

His head shot up, when he realize I didn't fear him anymore. "You're still warm too." He took his hand back and turn away from me. "That cause I haven't ever drank live human blood. My friend been trying to convert me to it as well. We both agree you were tempting because your scent was so strong."

He got up and walked away from me. "So tempting that I actually might break my promise to my maker." I got up to go after him, but a pillow appear at my feet, stopping me. "I promised her I wouldn't ever drink live human blood. To appear as human as possible."

I couldn't help but smile at hom trying to get away from me. He was the one that brought me into his room. "I'm not that special. Just Type O positive." Blonde chuckled as he look my way. "How about we start over. Hi, my name y/n."

"Hyuk Woo, but my fans call me Loco."

It clicked as to why I felt like I've seen him before. He was one of Korea's best rappers. "Pleasure to meet you Hyuk Woo, oppa." I winked at him, as his expression show he was confused.

"Your korean was perfect, but what makes you think I'm older than you."

I smirked as I pulled out my wallet to show him my ID. "Oh I'm older by a year." I nodded my head as took advantage of him being in range. I grabbed his hand and pulled him in closer. He stumble but gave in. Making us stand inches apart.

He looked at me stunned by my action. "How bad is it now?" That bright sunshine grin appear again along his lips. "Not that bad, but any closer, will turn dangerous." My eyes lock on his fangs, that appear in his smile. 

"You sure about that? Your teeth say otherwise."

He glided his tongue along his teeth to realize his fangs were showing. "I'm sorry, I am trying to control it." I took his hands and hand them rest on my waist. He blinked as he just watch me control him.

I sat down him down on the couch arm, as I wrapped my arms around his neck. His eyes flashed red, as a warning. I froze as his hands slipped under my top. His touch was a bit ice cold, yet warm. "You're getting to my danger limit."

I giggled softly since his touch was tickling me. "that tickles." I grabbed his forarms, to only end up having him pin my wrist behind my back. Hyuk Woo stood up and slowly walked me towards the bed. I felt my heart starting to race, as the back of my leg touch thr bed. 

"Please... I wanna try something. I've.... I've never been with a human woman ever."

I felt my lip twitch into a smirk for a moment. "Are you asking or telling?" He let go of my wrist to gentle touch my cheek. His eyes were soft but the blue was fading. 


His lips were slowly becoming inches away from mine. I caught the flash of red in his eyes, as he waited for permisson. I brush my lips along his, cautiously. His fangs threaten to cut my lower lip. I could feel his breath turning shallow. While he try to keep control and composure.

Hyuk Woo slowly lay me on the bed, and tower over me. He crushed his lips on mine, As his tongue glided along my lips, begging for access. I noticed his hands exploring under my shirt. I tormented him with a quick tongue game. He whimpered from being teased so much.

Yet that didn't stop him from stripping himself and me. We were naked under the covers, putting me in complete danger now. He was careful though about how he touched me, and what he could and couldn't do. He had me giggling some moments, making him smile. 

He gave me the signal he was ready. His leg slid between bith of mine. "Please.." Hyuk Woo whisper in my ear, as I felt my entire being melt to his voice. His other leg join his other one between my legs. He then grabbed me by my ass, and adjusted himself. 

I gasped and arched my back the second he thrust inside of my heat. He had my entire body in love with his touch so much, that him being inside of me felt like heaven. 


I looked up at Hyuk Woo, the same moment blood dropped down on my lip. He bit himself, as I watch his expressions. He was tormented for some reason, but I was concern about the cut lip. It wasn't healing like I thought it would. I slowly touch his lip with my thumb. 

His eyes shot open, as he look me in the eyes. "I want to do this, but the hunger, its stronger now. Why do you have to smell so delicious." His eyes had replace his glowing blue with glowing red. "Its okay, just don't kill me, please."

He kisses my thumb, before bucking his hips into mine. My breathing turn into panting, instantly. He took my wrist, pin them above my head, taking away my ability to touch him. I whimper between moans and pants. My desire to touch him was rising with each thrust.

"No... if you touch me, I'll bite you."

He spoke firmly, as he pace got faster and hard. My body couldn't handle anymore as I felt a rush of pleasure taking over. I manage to slip a hand free, and glided my fingers along the back of his head. He did warn me, cause the moment my hand was free and touching him, he attacked my neck. He judt kissed my neck at first.

Making me moewl at him touch on my neck, his pace slowing down a bit. Yet still had me feeling so high. I gasp from shock, the second his fangs sank into my neck. He made sure I fely the pleasure more than psin, until I pass out.

I woke up in my own hotel room, under my blankets. I looked around confused, as I noticed I was still naked. I try to get up quickly, but was extremely lightheaded. I took my time, to get to the bathroom, and checked my neck, but their was no marks. Yet it felt sore, especially when I touched it.

I just washed up, and got dress for the pool. When I got outside to sunbath, someone sat down beside me in swim trunks. He was dripping wet from swimming. I smiled softly, the moment I realized it was Hyuk Woo. He turn to smile warmly at me.

"Hey beautiful, glad to see you're awake."

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